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Utsav Soni is a mechanical engineer by degree, an experienced entrepreneur, and a gardening enthusiast by passion. He believes engineering without art is incomplete and excites others with his limitless passion and energy. Utsav has developed sustainable technologies for local farmers and climate change and has been awarded for his work on a national and international level.

“I explored 26 states of my country to live the challenges the world is facing. With my background in engineering, I want to create technology solutions so people can live their best lives.”

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“For 200 years we’ve been trying to conquer nature, now we’re beating it to death. Humanity is on the march forward, but our Earth is being left behind. We have a chance to change this, and to leave a positive footprint on the planet. Our world’s young people have woken up to climate change, and we have united globally to solve it.”

How is Covid-19 impacting your regional food systems and what would you consider the biggest challenge/ opportunity for your region in food and ag?

COVID-19 is expected to lead to a significant shift especially in Asia in dietary preferences, adding new dimensions to the food system thinking where sustainability, environmental footprint, and climate change will matter now. Because Asia and the Pacific regions, where 60% of the world already lives have been one of the consistent players for pandemics origins.

It’s time we decide when all of this is over, what kind of world we want to go back to. We have shown ourselves that we are capable of drastic lifestyle changes when called upon to act in the name of the greater good. 2019 was the year we woke up to the climate emergency. It’s imperative not to lose the momentum we’ve worked hard to build—and to do this, we will need to make the most of the current situation. As a generation, let us accept this challenge & seize the opportunity to opt for business unusual and collectively push for changes, in food systems and elsewhere, for sustainable food & climate positive future.

How will TFF Ambassadors help the food system advancement in your region?

TFF Ambassadors are disruption agents to improve food systems and address the climate emergency. We’re building a foundation where Youth in Asia can see their shining future in agriculture despite all odds. TFF Ambassadors will work as a local leader to make this vision a reality. We’re looking for the youths who are ready to call themselves a Global Citizen and want to dedicate their life contributing to a more sustainable future. Youth are the future of our global food system, especially in Asia. That’s why we celebrate their ability to help create a better world. The TFF Ambassador program not only listens to the voices of young people but supports & empowers them as leaders and partners in food and agriculture initiatives catalyzing tangible, impactful changes in their communities. Join an international movement of young professionals in agriculture who possess the right skills, competencies, and attitudes to succeed as the next generation of food system leaders in Asia!

“Today’s youth has all the necessary tools, vision, passion, and possibilities, which, together, will change the trajectory of our future. For the first time in history, our young people are empowered to think on their own, raise their voices for the injustices, and fight for the changes they wish to see in society”

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Be a Global Changemaker, Be a Local Activist.

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