Morris Ester Opiyo is an entrepreneur from Uganda, who was introduced to TFF back in 2015 by his brother. With their project Fruiti-Cycle, they participated in the TFF Challenge and joined the TFF Summit in Zurich.

Apart from his entrepreneurial projects, Morris is also a founding member of the Social Innovation Academy Loketa, a youth training center for young refugees where they are trained to turn their challenges into opportunities. Morris is a strong believer in the ability and the potential of the young generation and loves to challenge them to discover and build their gifts through innovative initiatives and leadership, and eventually make the world around us a better place. 

“Young people from different academic backgrounds, races, locations, and beliefs are working together in ways that we haven’t seen before. I am convinced that by remaining open-minded, today’s youth will bring the energy, zeal, and willingness to learn that will lead to lasting and impactful solutions for all of our global challenges. Being a TFF Regional Coordinator gives meaning to my life, I am part of a team of young personated people who are on fire to create change. TFF is truly a family and a home.“

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How is Covid-19 impacting your regional food systems and what would you consider the biggest challenge/ opportunity for your region in food and ag?

Despite what many are saying about Covid-19 negatively impacting our food and agricultural sector, it has allowed many ag start-ups and companies to discover a new product for their customers and new business models for their businesses. Many have realized the benefits of growing their own food, and have reintroduced this traditional practice which is healthy and helpful for building a sustainable food system. Although there are still challenges as to how we handle the pre & post-harvest period of our produce; government policies and programs are starting to appreciate the contribution of agriculture, not only within the economy but also, in the lives of the citizens, the emerging of innovation hubs and centers that provide financial support and mentorship to young innovators. These are opportunities we must tap into!

How will TFF Ambassadors help the food system advancement in your region?

At TFF, we are looking to create a positive feedback loop where innovative solutions lead to sustainable systems and sustainable solutions lead to new innovations for food and agriculture systems. The TFF Ambassadors are at the forefront of this vision, operating at the ground level as implementors of our regional strategy and coordinating with the local communities. At the regional level, they act as advisors and strategists to support the regional leadership team. TFF  Ambassadors are the driving engine for building these sustainable systems and solutions that we want for our food and ag sector.

You can be a local activist and global changemaker too! Apply by August 1st, 2020 to join Morris and his team of TFF Ambassadors in the East Africa region!

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