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Meet Cuthbert from Zimbabwe, who is the TFF Regional Coordinator for South & Central Africa and the Board Secretary and Head of Programmes at Rural Enterprise Trust of Zimbabwe (RETZ) – a social organization that supports and invests in rural communities’ homegrown ideas, solutions and innovations for sustainable development and aim to transform rural communities in Zimbabwe into world-class economies by 2050. Cuthbert is also the President of Net Impact Zimbabwe and recently won the Goalkeepers Youth Action Accelerator Award for 2019. 

Read about Cuthbert’s vision to involve his TFF Ambassador team to help the region mitigate the challenges of COVID-19 and turn them into opportunities. To join Cuthbert’s team, apply here.


How is Covid-19 impacting your regional food systems and what would you consider the biggest challenge/ opportunity for your region in food and ag?

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has severely affected agriculture and food security amongst local communities in my region. The major pillars of food security which are; availability, accessibility, affordability, and utilization are severely compromised which risks pushing many more people into crisis mode. Production and supply of agricultural commodities have been seriously affected. Low availability and poor access to food have created an influx in market prices thereby pushing more people into hunger and food security. Farmers have incurred heavy losses resulting from the continued closure of markets and restricted movement. The lockdown is an acute disadvantage to rural smallholder farming communities who are failing to deliver their fresh produce to the urban markets. This has also become one of the worst-case scenarios for poor rural smallholder farmers, especially in Zimbabwe, who are facing massive post-harvest losses as well as a loss of livelihood.

How will TFF Ambassadors help the food system advancement in your region?

The WHO has indicated that the virus is still far from being contained. This means that without disruptive innovation, the nations will continue to starve. Smallholder farmers need our support in areas like value addition and digital marketing. 

TFF Ambassadors are entrepreneurs, innovators, food lovers, next-generation change-makers and young leaders with the vision to make a difference in the global community. Their role includes facilitating awareness and youth participation programs in their local area. As their regional leader, I will encourage my team to do local outreach to relevant stakeholders and work closely with local municipalities, civil society organizations, community-based organizations and governmental agencies to promote and enhance agriculture and food systems in their communities and across the region. The major goal is to ensure that food production is continually supported and communities have access to adequate food during the COVID-19 emergency and beyond. 

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