We kicked off this year with one big, bold question:

How do we feed 9+ billion people by the year of 2050?

We called on you to work on your boldest, industry-changing ideas. Now, it’s time to head towards the next level, the pitch deadline of our ongoing TFF Challenge 2018!

We couldn’t be more satisfied and proud of our current 500 participating teams from over 60 countries, who are continuously sharing their work-in-progress in our blog and on their social media channels — one of the first tasks to get going in our customized Design Thinking Lab. So far, so good. But now comes the most exciting part. And please note:

Everyone MUST submit their pitch by May 4th in order to enter the Challenge and be considered for the Startup Bootcamp!

From ideation to storytelling!

In today’s world of clashing old and new economy, emerging technologies and growing market pressure, one could easily lose track of those ideas that are impactful enough to stand out, right?

That’s why we, at TFF, always ensure to keep our conversations as transparent as possible, especially when it comes to judging criteria and pitch evaluations. All the important it is to be able to tell the story of your idea, in order to convince your audience of the impact and potential!

How to pitch, exactly?

Naturally, it always depends on you, the creators and founders of the idea, who are intrinsically motivated to change the current food system for the better.

The first thing you need to be clear about are the following 3 questions:

  1. Why are we bringing this solution into the world?
  2. How does it deliver value and meaningfulness?
  3. To whom does it matter the most?

If you have that down, go ahead and try out the following tips:

💬 Make the pitch like a story.
You want to put the audience in the shoes of the people you are trying to help.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Identify the target audience.
For the TFF Challenge, the target audience are experts in the field of food security, so you do not need to explain the urgency of feeding 9+ billion people.

🌽 Describe the problem, and the people it affects.
It is helpful to use real examples here!

📍Focus on the user perspective.
Talk about how your customers will benefit from your solution.

💡Share your value proposition, but keep it short and sweet.
Explain why and how your product will work.

🌎 Share the big vision!
Where will your project or startup take you? How many people will you impact? How much money will you make?

📝 Write down a list of questions.
In case someone might ask you those, you will be prepared to answer them.

Ready for submissions?

In order to become eligible for our custom pre-accelerator program, the Startup Bootcamp, you’ll have to submit your pitch in time!

Mark your calendar on May 4, 2018, for the official pitch deadline and check if you have the requirements ready by then:

  • Team spirit is everything!
    Make sure you have 3–5 members on your team.
  • Your Concept Video:
    A video of 60–120 seconds that explains, promotes and makes the case for your concept.
  • Your Pitch Video:
    A video of max 30 seconds where one or more of your team members give a short elevator pitch to the camera.
  • Your concept details:
    The name, logo and tagline of your concept. Short paragraphs to describe the user scenario, disruptive potential and business model of your concept.

👉 Here’s a checklist to download for you to make it even easier!

Learn from the TFF Community!

Here’s a selection of some amazing pitch presentations of last year’s Finalist Teams!

  1. Cultivando Futuro – Grand Prize Winner of TFF Challenge 2017!
  2. Agri Yolo — Finalist of TFF Challenge 2017!
  3. Agrospheres — Finalist of TFF Challenge 2017!
  4. Sparky — Finalist of TFF Challenge 2018!
  5. WasteBuster– Finalist of TFF Challenge 2017!

What’s next?

The 10 Finalist Teams will join the 8-Week TFF Startup Bootcamp in which teams work with world-renowned mentors to develop and launch their own social enterprise.

With a hands-on approach and the support of a large community of experienced entrepreneurs, the Bootcamp combines workshops and mentoring of emerging entrepreneurs, including pitch training.

Additionally, the 10 Finalist Teams will receive an all-expenses-paid trip* to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! There, they will participate in a week-long pitch training to prepare for the live pitch at the TFF Summit.

Get ready for your Samba fever! But first, go submit your pitch! 🙂

🌎 Want to join the TFF Challenge? It’s not too late – all you need to do is to register here and submit your pitch by May, 4! We’re looking forward to your life-changing idea!

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Questions, feedback, thoughts? Ping Monika at monika@tffchallenge.com

*Trip includes round-trip economy class plane ticket, accommodation, and meals for days of the program.