Based in Oceania? Join Brittany’s TFF Ambassador Team!

Brittany Dahl is the Oceania TFF Regional Coordinator and a Geospatial Consultant at Geoplex. She lives TFF and has helped shape our community and program over the past years—here are some (but certainly not all!) of her latest contributions to TFF:

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We’ve asked Britt why it’s so important that we connect communities with sustainable choices: “We have built a food system that doesn’t prioritize our land, our health, or our future. As a consumer, it is still too easy to buy plastic-covered vegetables, in plastic bags, shipped in polluting vehicles, and cooked over a gas or fossil-fuel-powered stove. Meanwhile, producers face increasing expenses for the stock, feed, and water they need, in worsening, anxiety-producing environmental conditions. We must work to solve these challenges collaboratively by integrating ideas and working across sectoral and disciplinary boundaries.” 

As the leader of the Oceania TFF Community, Britt now calls on you to become a part of her team, because “It’s incredibly motivating to join a movement like TFF that is focused on youth, positivity, and innovation – this is exactly what the world needs right now. Organizations are willing to invest in change, along with a serious discussion about the future, which can result in tangible solutions by and for people who don’t have a vested stake in maintaining the status quo.”

You can read more about her story with TFF here!