Based in the Caribbean? Join Luke and his TFF Ambassador Team!

Luke Smith is the ICT officer of WHYFARM (We Help You-th Farm) an NGO in Trinidad and Tobago that pioneers Agricultural Educational Entertainment with a mission to promote the importance of sustainable agriculture among youth and children. 

Luke has a BSc. in Environmental Natural Resources Management and a BSc. in Agribusiness, with Certificates in Natural Resources management for sustainable rural development and social media reporting. He is also a freelance agri-photographer and has been an avid supporter of the TFF movement for several years. 

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  • “I am passionate about unlocking the potential in others, planting that seed of hope while creating the right environment for it to grow. Let us build a better world as global citizens.”

    Luke Smith CARIBBEAN | Trinidad & Tobago
How is Covid-19 impacting your regional food systems and what would you consider the biggest challenge/ opportunity for your region in food and ag?

In my community, the pandemic resulted in the inability of farmers to continue with their agricultural practices. The dysfunctional transportation system prevents farmers from having consistent access to raw materials and hinders the distribution of food products to the market. This affected the whole food system by increasing the price of food products and causing a shortage of food supplies.
– Marc Rodly Presume

The biggest opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic is the digitization of food systems from the farms to factories to the online markets. Regionally opportunities for import and export exist and just need to be explored.
– Zanda Desir

An opportunity for growers and food producers in the region would be an adjustment in the current and outdated techniques used. There are some inefficient processes that can be improved on. Quality, variety and quantity of food can be increased by using better-proven techniques.
-Antonio Charles

How will TFF Ambassadors help the food system advancement in your region?

TFF Ambassadors can help develop new ways of distributing raw materials to farmers and food products to the markets. In addition to that, we can help farmers organize themselves better and assist them to get back to the field safely.
-Marc Rodly Presume

TFF Ambassadors can help to amplify the work of food-entrepreneurs and inform them of opportunities to scale up their work, improve their craft and access investors and other likeminded persons.
– Zanda Desir

TFF Ambassadors can help by assisting in forming collaboratives in their communities/regions with food producers utilizing the relevant information available through TFF networks and platforms.
-Antonio Charles


These are just a few of Luke’s Ag-mazing photographs – Check out his Instagram account @las_luke for more!