Apply to the West Africa TFF Ambassador Cohort and Join Our Most Empathetic Next-Gen Leader: Maame!

Maame Ekua Manful is the West Africa TFF Regional Coordinator, a Food Scientist & Engineer, a member of the Institute of Food Technologists. Maame also runs Sweetpot Yoghurt, a startup that provides fortified nutrition and was selected as a 2018 TFF Challenge Finalist team!

“I hope to see a surge of youth leadership, with wide-ranging innovations catalyzing more change than ever. I expect a high level of multi-disciplinary, global collaborations to drive robust, resilient, and sustainable food solutions – from the biotech labs to consumer tables in every corner of the planet.”

TFF Ambassador

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How can TFF Ambassadors help improve the food system in your region?

TFF Ambassadors are the changemakers who will defy the status quo in the agri-value chain, lead meaningful youth-led projects & discussions to build resilience in local food systems through strategic regional collaborations. Above all, they will help drive actionable changes and demonstrate the potential for a robust food and agriculture industry across West Africa and beyond. 

Maame has been one of the most inspiring leaders in our community and she has that spark and empathy which convinces others to become changemakers too: “Becoming an entrepreneur is a step everyone can make, but the challenging part is to really achieve your dreams and not lose sight of them.”

If you want to be even more inspired by Maame, check out her 5 tips on how to adapt and maintain an entrepreneurial mindset here.

… and watch this video about her startup Sweetpot Yogurt’s mission to help solve nutrient deficiency across Africa.


Be a Global Changemaker, Be a Local Activist.

Become a TFF Ambassador and join the ranks of influential, boots-on-the-ground rockstars around the world, who are shaping the future through innovation, collaboration, and most importantly action. Apply by August 1st, 2020!