Based in Europe? Join Maeva’s TFF Ambassador Team!

Maeva supervises and leads the TFF Community across Europe. She joined the TFF Regional Coordinator leadership team because: “Redesigning our systems and society around sustainability takes bravery and imagination. We must not fear to dream, to try, or to fail.” Maeva is leading by example and hopes to inspire her new TFF Ambassador cohort with her passion for more sustainable food production, especially in urban areas.

Maeva is striving to combine the latest in technology with real-world problem-solving, asking questions like: how can parametric design be used as a tool for decision-making in greening rooftop landscapes, and how can urban agriculture nourish the smart cities of tomorrow? She earned her Ph.D. in Parametric design & Civil Engineering from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) and has lived across Austria, France, the Netherlands and Brazil in the past years.

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How is COVID-19 impacting your regional food systems and what would you consider the biggest challenge/ opportunity for your region in food and ag?

The COVID-19 epidemic highlights the importance of self-sufficiency and food resilience in Europe. It has become more urgent than ever to redesign our food systems and start thinking holistically. Big cities that usually rely on food supplies from other countries and continents now face a rise in demand in local products in Europe. People became more health-conscious, and this provides momentum for food ecosystem collaboration!

I loved hosting the Open Conversation on Urban, Hyperlocal Supply Chains with Europe TFF Ambassador Felipe, who is also the CEO and Lead Designer at Hexagro

How can TFF Ambassadors help improve the food system in your region?

At this stage of the TFF movement, the dedication and contribution of Ambassadors are crucial drivers for the shared mission to build a more inclusive and sustainable food system.  

We need to set out on a fundamentally different track in order to solve massive challenges such as the current food insecurity crisis, the destruction of ecosystems, or the extinction of wildlife.

With their very own superpowers and willingness to develop, Ambassadors support young changemakers, anywhere in Europe. Their objective is to learn through experience, connect through a shared purpose, and ultimately, to reimagine and reinvent our global food systems.


Be a Global Changemaker, Be a Local Activist.

Become a TFF Ambassador and join the ranks of influential, boots-on-the-ground rockstars around the world, who are shaping the future through innovation, collaboration, and most importantly action. Apply by August 1st, 2020!