A conversation with Mariana Vasconcelos, Founder and CEO of Agrosmart

Mariana Vasconcelos will be giving the closing keynote at the TFF Summit this July in Rio de Janeiro!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, the mission you’re driving with Agrosmart?

I am daughter of farmers and grew up close to their daily challenges with lack of labor force and decisions being made based on intuition. I saw an opportunity to solve a problem that we had inside my reality but that was common to farmers all over the world. My purpose of generating a positive impact on our world led me to found  Agrosmart, with the mission to make agriculture more productive, sustainable and resilient to climate change.

I believe that exponential technologies combined with a meaningful purpose is the most powerful resource to help feed our future generations, in a more sustainable way.

What’s your understanding of this year’s theme ‚Multispectral Thinking‘ and where do you see the connection to next-gen innovation in Food & Ag?

We are facing challenges in a whole new level of scale compared to the challenges we’ve faced in the past. In a globalised world, where the impact in economic and natural resources have a direct impact around the globe, the solutions for the problems need also to be global. Our challenges are becoming more complex and interconnected. In order to overcome these challenges, we need to change the way of thinking with new holistic approaches that drives innovation and impact.

Therefore, I believe that this year theme “Multispectral Thinking” represents the importance of bringing people with different backgrounds, to create an an holistic approach with a human-centred perspective in order to drive innovation and solve the problems in food and agriculture.

Give us a little insight into your journey with TFF and what impact you’ve achieved so far.

We participated in the Thought For Food Challenge in 2015 and later became ambassadors in Brazil. The TFF Community was extremely important for us to understand the global challenges and change our mindset, enabling us to see that we are part of a group that believes that is possible to make an impact in the world by doing things in a different way and that serves as support to keep each other in the entrepreneurship journey. Furthermore, TFF played an important role in our journey by introducing potential customers, investors and other people that helped us to get where we are today.

Why is it important to you, personally, to raise the relevance of entrepreneurship and tech-driven innovation in the sector of food and agriculture?

Now, more than ever, the food and agriculture sector need a major disruption in order to feed our future generations. The access to tech is cheaper and more available to everyone. I believe that the millennials play an essential role on the shift from the traditional way of producing food to a high-tech industry, as we believe the transformation will take place in different parts of the chain in a decentralized process and combining tech with purpose put young entrepreneurs  in a unique position to make a real impact.

We’re looking forward to your closing keynote at the 6th TFF Summit – why is it important to you to participate and what key message do you want to pass on to your fellow next-generation innovators and change makers?

I am a daughter of farmers raised in the countryside of Brazil and I have an ambitious mission to create a positive impact on our world. Agrosmart was the way i found to transform my purpose into actions.  At the TFF Summit, I want to inspire people to do the same with their purposes. My message will be to people trust themselves and that they can make the difference in our planet. The future of the next generations will depend on what we are doing today.


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