TFF Academy, July 24: Introducing the Specialization Tracks

Albert Einstein once said We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Only by imagining and dreaming, experimenting and iterating can we truly innovate to create the change our world needs.  

At the upcoming TFF Academy and TFF Summit, we’re freeing ourselves to do just this. We are introducing an approach to system-change in the food and agriculture sector by applying 21st-century learning methodologies that focus on interdisciplinary and co-creation to achieve unexpected results. Following Einstein’s saying, it is our mission to empower the next generation with the tools and mindsets they need to think and is in new ways.

Ultimately our week-long program purposefully does not follow a predictable, straight line – but curves and surprises, opening up miscellaneous paths to choose from and immerse yourself in. From expert-led Specialization Tracks on topics like Big Data and GIS, nutrition, rural entrepreneurship, and impact investing, to practical Skill-building Masterclasses on fundraising, storytelling or teambuilding, to immersive Capstone Projects on Agroforestry to Smallholder Farming to Autonomous Machinery, you’ll uncover a “multispectrum” of opportunities to innovate and create impact.

Introducing: Day 2’s Specialization Tracks

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New Foods: Explore the New Science
with Mashita Fajri and Mush’ab Nursantio

To understand how food production is actually changing, this track will provide insights into the new food movement and trends. Our TFF teachers Mashita Fajri and Mush’ab Nursantio will take you on an experiential journey and group discussion on opportunities and challenges surrounding of finding potential alternative sources of nutrition and taste, particularly in developing countries, that could deliver the answer to feeding 9+ billion people by 2050.

Mashita Fajri is an Indonesian undergraduate student in in environmental health and currently involved as a Next Gen Council member at Thought For Food. As a previous TFF Challenge participant back in 2016, Mashita was chosen as one of the Finalists with her product EconoodlE.









In the same year, Mush’ab Nursantio participated with his Indonesian startup Biteback, an insect bio-refinery company. As an award-winning entrepreneur with a background in agricultural technology, Mush’ab seeks to disrupt the global palm oil industry with insects, by transforming biomass from agro-industry waste streams into high quality nutrients and organic chemicals.

How to Restore Nature through Agroforestry
with Felipe Villela and Marco de Boer’s of reNature Foundation

If you’re curious to explore the surroundings of Rio de Janeiro and learn how to intentionally combine agriculture and forestry to create sustainable solutions, then this might be your go-to-track (and, by the way, it is also part of a Capstone Project, where you can dive deeper into the topic).

On a 2 hour bus drive you will be part of an interactive game to experience the complexity of the ecosystem and understand how everything works together.









Led by Felipe Villela and Marco de Boers, founders of reNature Foundation, you will be visiting a working agroforestry farm, to talk to the farmers and eat straight from their garden.

Inspired by the TFF Summit in Amsterdam where they met, Marco and Felipe started their organization, aiming to restore nature through agroforestry by building a global community, sharing knowledge and helping farmers and  communities with implementing agroforestry systems.

Deep Science
with Abi Ramanan and Gemma Milne

Following our overarching topic of multispectral thinking, you will have the chance to go deeper into understanding how scientific research can be applied to solve complex challenges in food and agriculture. Together with TFF teachers Abi Ramanan and Gemma Milne, you will learn how to take the scientific approach out of the lab, and unlock in the field of food and agriculture, and beyond.

As the co-founder and CEO of ImpactVision, a machine learning company, applying advanced imaging technology to food supply chains, Abi Ramanan has committed herself to reinforce the power of the food industry for social good.  ImpactVision’s software provides insights about the quality and characteristics of foods, such as the freshness of fish, the ripeness of avocados or the presence of foreign objects non-invasively and rapidly to reduce waste and fraud, whilst maximising the yield and consistency of products delivered to consumers.

Gemma Milne is a freelance journalist and podcaster at Science: Disrupt covering science, tech, culture and politics. As a deep tech consultant and investment advisor, she is an expert juror for the European Commission, specialising in health and biotech, making funding decisions for the Horizon 2020 SME program, along with working directly with science startups to craft equity stories and investor pitches.


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