Do you see exciting opportunities when you look at the world’s biggest problems? Are you driven to uproot the status quo to improve the lives of people and our planet? Maybe you have an idea about how we can grow our food? Or a startup that’s ready to shake up how and what we consume? Or, perhaps you you simply have a passion for creating positive change? Welcome to Thought For Food‘s annual TFF Challenge. We’ve been waiting for you!!

Thought For Food is mobilizing the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to develop real solutions to feed our world’s growing population.

Since we started 5 years ago, we’ve engaged and empowered more than 8000 young people in 130+ countries, and have catalyzed 40 game-changing startups in all kinds of important areas related to food and nutrition security — areas like vertical farming, synthetic biology, logistics, appropriate tech for smallholders, precision ag, aquaculture, livestock, new foods, food waste, alternative proteins and so much more!

We’re ready to kick off another round of inspiring innovation with the 2018 TFF Challenge — and this year is poised to be our best yet! Registration opens on 15 January 2018.

Save the date to make sure you don’t miss your chance to participate in the world’s leading next generation startup and leadership development program for food and agriculture.

Now open to everyone under 35

Thought For Food has always been incredibly open and diverse by design- we welcome young leaders from all fields of expertise to join us in our quest to make a more food secure world. Whether you’re a scientist, engineer, agronomist, policy-maker, environmentalist or artist, there’s a place for you in our tribe. In previous years, we focused on working with university students. But, this year, we’re opening up even further: the 2018 TFF Challenge is now open to any and all change-makers under the age of 35. So spread the word!

To sign up, all you need is an interest and a can-do attitude. It doesn’t matter if you don’t already have an idea, or even if you already have a startup — anyone is welcome to register.

After you apply, you can recruit team members, and we will help you develop and refine your idea and create an attention-grabbing pitch with the help of our online Design Thinking Lab.

Learn more about participating in the 2018 TFF Challenge.

Expand your impact… And have the time of your life!

The goal of the TFF Challenge is to uncover the best new ideas and approaches for sustainably feeding the world. We think these come from the next generation of innovators who are naturally hardwired with the mindset and skills needed to create the transformational change we need. Read more about that in our Next Gen Playbook.

No matter how far you get in the competition, you’ll be welcomed into our global network of friends and supporters. You’ll gain the attention of investors and the media. Plus you will get access to robust training programs, experts and mentors… And you’ll also have the time of your life! Blazing new trails and solving tough problems is supposed to be fun, so we make sure to celebrate!

Save the date & sign up for the newsletter

If you’re ready to join us, be sure to mark your agenda for the 15th of January. You won’t regret it!

In the meantime, sign up for the TFF newsletter. We’ll send you a reminder as soon as it’s time to register.

We can’t wait to work with you!

— The TFF Team

So what are you waiting for? (Oh yeah, for signups to open…) In the meantime, take a look at the 2018 timeline below, and here’s a link to some of the teams from previous years to get inspired.