A conversation with Steven Wall, Global Strategy Lead, Syngenta

Steven Wall and Joe Fletcher, Co-Founder of Raft Collective, will be hosting the Capstone Project on: new solutions for smallholder safety at the TFF Academy.

Steven is a senior leader at Syngenta where he is developing and implementing strategies for new technologies that incorporate evolving regulatory, safety, political and societal perspectives. He is excited about the future of agriculture and wants to find new ways to use open and collaborative approaches to transform food production in a sustainable way. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology from Texas Tech University, a Master of Science from Clemson University and a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University.

Tell us about yourself, your mission with your work at Syngenta and why and how you have been working alongside with TFF so far.

I have been with Syngenta for almost 20 years in a variety of roles. I began working with TFF a few years ago when we started looking into how we could, or should, bring new technologies to the market; we wanted to do things differently. How could we have a new kind of conversation with different stakeholders and how could we gain new insights into the way we approach R&D and commercialization? TFF was a perfect partner for this type of interaction.

We at TFF aim to close the gap between next-generation innovation and industry leaders, like yourself. From your experience so far, what excites you most about this collaboration, and what future potentials to you see for your organization and other players in this space to jointly solve the global challenge of food security?

I think many of us recognize that you can’t solve the food security challenge alone. It will involve the willingness of diverse stakeholders to work together to find solutions. The level of energy and excitement that comes from the TFF community is truly inspiring and we share a common passion in solving this challenge and in taking advantage of existing and emerging technologies in new, productive ways.

Where do you equally see the challenges of bringing this year’s overarching theme ‚multispectral thinking‘ approach into the space of food and agriculture?

I don’t see this as so much of a challenge but more of an opportunity. Diversity in thinking and backgrounds is key to tackling the food challenge.

Having participated in the previous TFF Summit(s), what do you expect this year and why do you think it’s important for industry players to join?

I tell my colleagues that if you really want to be inspired about the future go to a TFF Summit! I expect this Summit to be no different. I think it is important for the industry to be a part of the TFF Community to not only provide expertise and support but to also engage with the next generation of innovators and the problems they are solving.


Curious to work on how to address crop protection challenges within the smallholder farming community? Head over to our Q&A with Joe Fletcher, who will be curating this Capstone Project together with Steven Wall at the TFF Academy this July.  Get your ticket today and join us!