Join our Movement at this July’s TFF Academy and TFF Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

We have all heard the stats by now: every day, one billion people go to bed hungry and even more are malnourished. By 2050, our global population will have reached 9.8 billion and will demand around 70% more food than is consumed today. The global challenges related to food security is our current reality. Just like climate change, globalization and rapid technological change are.

Following the SDG 2 of #ZeroHunger, we have dedicated ourselves to catalyze, build and support sustainable solutions that will help shape our future food system. One that reinforces inclusive growth and development — from providing smallholder farmers the tools and skills to take part in the digital age to propelling the development of scientifically-based innovations to offering consumers nutritious products.

While massive technological change and societal disruption happen around us, we often experience polarized or one-dimensional approaches to solutions development. What clearly lacks in a world of noise and living in“filter bubbles” is the chance to build an ongoing, multi-faceted discourse about how you, I, we can contribute to creating our shared futures.

We are living in times of great, untapped possibilities. Empowered by the largest, most-diverse and well-educated population the world has ever seen, our world has a new force of breakthrough innovation: the next generation.

The leaders of the next generation have the chance to tap intoThe leaders of the next generation have the chance to tap into #MultispectralThinking to co-create a shared vision for the future that supports an inclusive food system.

Explore the infinite possibilities of imagination at the TFF Academy and Summit

Inspired by multispectral imaging technology that allows humans to see past what is possible with the human eye, we have dedicated this year’s theme to the concept of #MultispectralThinking, which pushes us to seek out new perspectives and influences, in order uncover the hidden layers of innovation and the color spectrum of opportunities we need to solve our global grand challenges.

We are excited to host our first-ever TFF Academy and our annual Summit in the iconic Museum of Tomorrow in the upbeat city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The TFF Academy: A journey from inspiration to activation and reflection!

Our 4-day immersive learning experience is taking place from July 23–26, 2018. The program is designed for 200 future food and ag leaders and includes TFF’s Startup Bootcamp, as well as practical courses on new technologies, business models and leadership skills relevant to the how we want to work in the future. In addition, we’re collaborating with wonderful partners like Sight & Life who will be hosting a nutrition-focused session and sponsor 3 participants to join this life-changing experience!

The daily flow

  • Start with inspiration: Prepare yourself for exhilarating keynotes that will get you in the right morning flow!
  • Explore your desired topic: Choose your specialization track around the latest in food & ag!
  • Activate by skilling up: Storytelling, intrapreneurship or brand building? Benefit from all insights and drop in a different class every day of the week!
  • Create your Capstone project: Let’s get down to business: work on concrete industry assignments and develop your breakthrough solution in collaboration with design thinking experts and your peers!
  • Reflect within the TFF Community: Saving the best till last — come treat your senses and soul and socialize!

Are you itching to participate? Get your tickets now!

By the way, the Academy ticket includes a free entry to the Summit, food, non-alcoholic drinks and accommodation for 4-days.

The TFF Summit: The meeting place for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders

A mash-up of the best parts of SXSW, WEF and Burning Man, the TFF Summit is not your average food and agriculture conference. Every year, we’re giving our all to outdo the previous experiences, while staying true to what makes our TFF Community and culture different and valuable.

That said, you can’t really put it into words, you have to experience it yourself. We’re inviting you to become part a full-day program from samba-infused Morning Rave, Keynotes, and disruptive startup pitches of the TFF Challenge Finalists.

“Bold leadership, truly global, and the right mix of sponsors & partners.”

“Our industry needs more events like the TFF Summit to push ourselves forward.”

Ready to tap into the unknown possibilities with us and a global community of next-gen innovators?

Get your Early-Bird Ticket and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for special requirements

A TFF Summit attendee testing virtual reality glasses, a boy in the back is watching him.


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