July 23-26: The 2018 TFF Academy

A brand-new experience

Ready to uproot the status quo and make the world a better place? Save your spot at the TFF Academy!

Sharpen your tech skills, gain leadership experience, work on real “capstone” projects and so much more!

This July, we invite you to take part in the TFF Academy, an immersive, educational experience for next-generation changemakers from around the world.

At our 2018 TFF Academy, we will bring together a diverse group of entrepreneurs, academics and industry leaders to create a learning experience to the extreme. You’ll dive into #whatsnext in food and agriculture, sharpen your leadership skills and business acumen, understand the latest technologies and business models shaping the future, and polish your pitch techniques.

Together with industry leaders and design thinking experts, you’ll also have the chance work on a real “capstone” project that solves a major problem facing our food system – all while having the time of your life.

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The Academy Program

Each day, you’ll take part in inspirational plenary keynotes, explorative specialization tracks, practical skill-building master classes, and real consulting projects.

Check this page daily for the most recent reveals about our TFF teachers, speakers and program or head over to our blog for more detailed stories.

Meet our


  • Holley Murchison


    Expert in Human Development and Storytelling. Founder of Oratory Glory and author of her debut book 'Tell Me About Yourself'.

  • David Li

    Brick by BRIC: DIY Innovation in Emerging Economies

    Co-founder of Maker Collider and Executive Director of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.

  • Gabriela Agustini

    Entrepreneurship the Millennial Way

    Founder and Executive Director of Olabi, a Brazilian social organization focused on encouraging the use of new (and old) technologies for social change.

  • Michael Kock

    Open IP Models for Open Innovation

    Open IP Pioneer, Strategy Consultant and renowned author and speaker on innovation enablement.

  • Megan Willis

    Do's and Don'ts of Fundraising

    Social impact and sustainability professional working with Indigo Ag. She spent over a decade in international development: as a US Peace Corps Volunteer, at Chemonics International and USAID.

  • Felipe Villela

    How to Restore Nature through Agroforestry

    Co-Founder of reNature and expert in agroforestry systems.

  • Marco de Boer

    How to restore nature through Agroforestry

    Expert in marketing communications / advertising and Co-Founder of reNature Foundation.

  • Abi Ramanan

    How can we make our food system more transparent?

    CEO of ImpactVision and social entrepreneur tackling a range of issues from migrant employment to food waste and child hunger. TEDx speaker and World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

  • Caroline Steiblin

    Exploring Nutrition's Complexities & Impact Investment

    Expert physics and economics research - with a passion for helping businesses do well by doing good.

  • Prof. Bruno Basso

    Soil, Plant, Atmosphere and Planetary Perspectives on our Agroecosystems

    University Foundation Professor at Michigan State University, Co-Founder of CiBO Technologies and internationally recognized agricultural systems scientist.

  • Brittany Dahl

    Big Data and GIS

    GIS consultant passionate in technological projects that connect communities with sustainable choices.

  • David Trayford

    Pitch Training

    Communication specialist, startup coach, mentor, trainer and global speaker on future skills and education strategy.

  • Haitao Yu

    Scaling-up Rural and Community-Driven Entrepreneurship

    Sustainability activist and world-traveler: from China, France, the US to Cambodia, Canada and more.

  • Maeva Dang

    Smart Ag for Smart Cities

    Maeva is a civil engineer and researcher at the TU Vienna and the UniRio, passionate about urban agriculture.

  • Henry Gordon-Smith

    Smart Ag for Smart Cities

    Founder and Managing Director of Agritecture Consulting and global thought leader in vertical farming.

  • John Cumbers

    Frontiers of Synthetic Biology

    Founder and CEO of SynBioBeta and senior consultant to leading companies and investors for over a decade.

  • Richard Hylerstedt

    Design Thinking

    Interdisciplinary designer and facilitator. He is on a mission to change the public sector, currently as Lead Service Design Coach for the City of Helsingborg.

  • Matt Foley

    Boots on the Ground

    Rising Venture Development Fund Analyst and Co-Founder of FarmAfield.

  • Brennan Costello

    Boots on the Ground

    Startup Coach and Business Relation Officer at the University of Nebraska. Co-Founder of FarmAfield.

  • Gemma Milne

    Deep Science

    Gemma Milne is a freelance journalist, deep science consultant and co-host of Science:Disrupt – a podcast covering science, tech, culture and politics.

  • Peter Bickerton

    Slam Poetry

    Peter is a science communicator, poet, and writer. In his day job, he writes about science for the Earlham Institute as Science Communications Manager.

  • Pedro L. Rodriguez

    Social Media

    VP, Business Growth, Digital Marketing & Transformation at Horizon Media Inc. and rewarded blogger for the HuffingtonPost with focus on emerging social and digital trends.

  • Peleg Chevion​

    Moving to Food Industry 4.0: decentralized, cost effective and democratized food production

    As the Chief Commercial Officer of Blendhub, Peleg is leading the global deployment of the world’s first distributed production platform for powder based food.

  • Mush’ab Nursantio

    New Foods: Explore the new Science

    Award-winning entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of Biteback.

  • Mashita Fajri

    New Foods: Explore the new Science

    Co-founder of EconoodlE. Expert in Food Security and Environmental Health.

  • Dr. Klaus Kraemer

    Exploring Nutrition's Complexities

    Managing Director of the Sight and Life Foundation and Professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

  • Srujith Lingala

    Exploring Nutrition's Complexities

    Manager Technology and Entrepreneurship at Sight and Life. His projects span Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, India and Indonesia.

  • Dr. Mike Gould

    Create, Innovate, Invent

    An inspiring leader, scientist, change-agent and disruptor. He developed and led innovative R&D programs in fields ranging from biotech to complexity science to vertical farming.

  • Steven Wall

    Capstone Project: New Solutions for Smallholder Farmers

    Steven is a senior leader at Syngenta where he is developing and implementing strategies for new technologies that incorporate evolving regulatory, safety, political and societal perspectives.

  • Joe Fletcher

    Capstone Project: New Solutions for Smallholder Farmers

    Joe Fletcher is a co-founder and Executive Creative Director at Raft. He has 15+ years experience in corporate design management and consulting.

  • Karla Rascon-Garcia

    Impact Investment

    Kirchner Food Fellow and Ph.D. candidate in Epidemiology at the University of California, Davis.

  • Adrian Garcia-Casarrubias

    Impact Investment

    Kirchner Food Fellow and Plant Biotechnology Ph.D. candidate at CINVESTAV-IPN in San Pedro Zacatenco, Mexico.

  • Alfredo Costilla-Reyes

    Impact Investment

    Kirchner Food Fellow, Mexico National Youth Award and Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University.

July 23-26: The 2018 tff academy

A brand-new experience

Ready to gain invaluable practical experience and contacts that will propel your career and future? Save your spot at the TFF Academy today!

TFF Academy participants sitting in a circle on the floor, discussing food & ag innovations, three men are standing at the back.
Develop universal leadership skills and techniques that will propel your career.
A man pointing on a indoor plant greenhouse innovation, red light, blue light.
A man sniffing on a plant-based meat substitute at the 2017 TFF Summit
Try new food.
Thought For Food Program Manager Jared Yarnall-Schane working with one of the 2017 TFF finalist teams on their social startup idea.
Solve a real project for the industry and compete collaboratively with your peers.
A TFF Summit attendee testing virtual reality glasses, a boy in the back is watching him.
Learn how to apply cutting-edge technologies to solve big problems.
A woman in the front is blurred, one woman is smiling and laughing, one man thinking about a food innovation.
A man sitting in a vertical farming installation at our 2017 TFF Summit.
Scope out job opportunities and connect with potential employers and partners. And much more...
Introducing the 2018 theme

Multispectral thinking

Let’s unleash the power of Multispectral Thinking!

The theme for this year’s TFF Academy and Summit is all about TFF’s unique approach to solving global challenges through Multispectral Thinking. 

Multispectral imaging allows us to see beyond what is possible with the naked eye. Inspired by this important technology, we are TFF are seeking to uncover the hidden layers of innovation, the color spectrum of opportunities, and the infinite possibilities of imagination for our future food system.

Practical information

Everything you need to know


The TFF Academy takes place on July 23-26, 2018.


This year, we are heading to the upbeat city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Who can attend?

The 2018 TFF Academy is specially-designed as an immersive, educational experience for next-generation changemakers from around the world. Space is limited, so apply today to take part! 

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