You participated in previous TFF Programs.

Ideally, you have participated in past TFF Programs (TFF Challenge, TFF Academy, TFF Summit). This will be of value for your work as TFF Ambassador because you’ve previously gained a network and skillset. Having experienced one of our TFF Programs firsthand you know what TFF is really about and we are sure that you are on a shared mission. However, we make exceptions for outstanding applicants. 

You are committed to add value to the TFF Community.

You commit between 10-12 hours a week to plan, organize and execute different events and activities for a period of one year. You will be responsible for finding the venues, promoting the event, recruiting participants, fundraising event costs, etc. You should also help to cultivate new leaders to ensure the sustainability of the community after your time as TFF Ambassador.

You team up with fellow changemakers in your city.

Just like a startup, you need to form a strong team to run a local community in your city. Find people as motivated as you ready to join TFF’s mission. Ideally, you form a team with diverse skills (finances, logistics, communications, partnerships, etc), genders, careers, ages and networks. The more diversity you represent in your team, the easier it will be to reach out to different target groups.

Can I apply to become a TFF Ambassador as part of a university, startup or company?

Grassroots communities like this one are led by individuals. You can always bring aboard the organization you are part of, and share different experiences, resources, networks, etc. – but, you cannot lead the TFF Community on behalf of another organization. We want to run this program with people passionate about developing their communities, not exactly with people who are told to do it as part of their job.


Do TFF Ambassadors have to necessarily live in the same TFF Community?

Yes. All TFF Ambassadors have to live in the city or town were the TFF Community is developing. We normally don’t accept “remote” Ambassadors for the sake of the community, but there are some exceptions. Ask your Regional Coordinator.

Can there be more than one TFF Ambassador Team in the same TFF Community?

Yes. In some megacities (+10 million people) we are considering to create more than just one TFF Ambassador Team. We will make sure that the teams are connected and will plan their activities complementing each other.

How many and what kind of events should the TFF Ambassadors organize?

Events are divided in:

a) community development (i.e. meetups, visit a farm, disco soup, etc)
b) capacity building (i.e. bootcamps “BMC”, “How to Pitch”, etc)
c) collaborative innovation (i.e. hackathons, design sprints, etc).

We normally suggest a minimum of events during the year (4-2-1 respectively), but it depends entirely on the TFF Ambassador Team.

Do participants need to pay to enter a TFF Community event?

This depends on the TFF Ambassador Team and on the event itself. For example, if you organize a two-hour meetup in a public space there should be no fee to join. If you organize a three-day event that includes food, venue, t-shirts, etc. – and your in-kind sponsorships are not covering all costs – it makes total sense to charge a small fee for participation to cover all the costs. You can also provide discounts or free tickets for specific groups who might need more support than others (students, farmers, etc.).

If I’m not selected as TFF Ambassador, can I still participate in the activities?

Yes. If you are not selected as TFF Ambassador this year, you still have the chance to support your TFF Community. Reach out to the 2019 TFF Ambassadors and offer your help (an extra pair of hands are always very welcome). If you want to apply for the TFF Ambassador program next year, remember that we select people based on their commitment within their community who have made prior experience working with social communities.

Does TFF provide financial support for the TFF Ambassadors to implement the community program in their cities?

At TFF we are always try to find valuable ways to support the local communities. Together with the TFF Regional Coordinators, the TFF Ambassadors are responsible to find funding within their regions in order to realize their local activities. The TFF Regions should become self-sustaining by 2021. Speaking from past experiences, local organizations are very engaged to support events in their cities (financially and non-financially) and it creates lasting opportunities and great connections for the whole TFF Community. TFF will make sure to train the TFF Ambassadors in topics which include fundraising, event planning, marketing, communications, and more.


Is there a deadline to submit my application?

Yes, the applications for the 2019 TFF Ambassador Program are open from March 21 until April 28, 2019. Make sure to submit your application on time!

How does the application process work?

It’s pretty simple, here’s how the application process works

  1. Form your TFF Ambassador Team and submit your application form (by April 28, 2019).
  2. Check your inbox! We will send you an email if you are pre-selected to start the trial period (one month).
  3. We make the final selection of the TFF Ambassadors and start of the onboarding process (first week of June).

Didn’t find the answers you were looking for? Please feel free to reach out to our Community & Partnerships Manager Diego at any time!

Submit your application by April 28th to join the 2019 TFF Ambassador Program!

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