The TFF Digital Labs is the first-of-its-kind startup acceleration and collaboration platform built by and for the next generation of food and agriculture entrepreneurs in every part of the world.

This is not just any old platform, and is certainly not like anything else out there. We have built the Digital Labs from the ground up, incorporating the learning approaches, needs and expectations of the 21st century changemaker.

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Entrepreneurs and start-ups in our community are located in all corners of the world, and each of them has something unique and worthwhile to share and learn from each other when it comes to improving the sustainability of our food and agriculture systems. We help them work together through 5 interactive labs:

  1. Entrepreneurship Lab: access tools to develop a great idea and scale a socially-responsible food and agriculture startup
  2. Knowledge Lab: dive into the frontiers of science, technology and research related to food, agriculture, and climate change
  3. Inspiration Lab: fuel yourself with creative inspiration from people making all kinds of positive change in the world
  4. Personal Growth Lab: develop the practical skills and tools you need to excel as a next-gen leader and team member
  5. Extracurriculars: broaden your perspectives to new areas that will keep you energised and motivated to keep learning

Each of these labs contains modules on a variety of key topics, with practical, action-oriented content, advice and mentoring. We are able to host and share an abundance of local insights and solutions in a globally-accessible online platform—fostering more collaboration and integration of solutions, while concurrently reducing duplicative and inefficient innovation efforts. We also provide open access to data, open-source hardware solutions and perks from a variety of partners.

Practical, action-oriented content, advice and mentoring.

All teams who sign up for the TFF Challenge gain access to:

  • Practical, knowledge-building courses covering entrepreneurship, personal growth, inspiration and change-making, skill-building and food and agriculture industry.
  • Dedicated mentoring with 50+ international mentors
  • Group live sessions with experts and the TFF Team
  • 1-1 live sessions with experts and the TFF Team
  • Peer-to-peer advice and collaboration
  • Perks and discounts
  • Participant exclusive podcast with leaders in food
  • Curated newsletters from leading food journalists

All delivered by TFF’s multidisciplinary global network of experts, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

We collaborate with leaders in innovation to provide exclusive perks and resources for our participants.

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The Digital Labs provides mission-driven entrepreneurs with the skills, mindsets and connections they need to build successful businesses in diverse locations around the world.

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