Thought For Food Announces its Brave New Future as a Decentralized, Community-Led Movement!

We are thrilled to announce Thought For Food’s next evolution. After a decade of pioneering the most transformative approach to next-generation innovation for better food systems, Thought For Food is taking its next step. We are no longer incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit. We have decided to become a decentralized, volunteer-based movement of global food systems change-makers. This step ensures that TFF will continue to be an unstoppable force within the industry, driven by the collective power of our passionate community leaders.

💌 Read our Founder Christine’s letter here.

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TFF 10 Year Movie

TFF Valencia Declaration

In October 2023, thirteen of TFF’s Regional Coordinators, Community Organizers, and Core Team members came together in Valencia, Spain for a four-day working retreat to foster the transition of TFF from a non-profit to a decentralized, volunteer-based organization. We asked ourselves, “What does the next decade look like for TFF?”

The intense, joyous, and challenging discussions resulted in the “TFF Valencia Declaration.” This set of guiding principles unites us as a community and guides our work going forward.

The Valencia Declaration was symbolized by the passing of the torch from Christine (our former CEO) to the “TFFers.” The torch was represented by a locally produced bag of tiger nuts, a currently underutilized crop with enormous potential for future food systems. This perfectly embodied TFF’s approach to global impact through local actions.

Meet the TFF Community Transition Team

Underpinned by our core values and our next-gen innovation attitudes and approaches, TFF will remain a place where all people who care about food systems and who have new ideas and solutions can connect and collaborate.

A Transition Committee has been established to ensure that all that we have built together can live on and grow.

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