Thought For Food is dedicated to engaging and empowering the next generation of innovators to solve the complex and important challenges facing our food system.

Our movement unites bold, unconventional thinkers and doers from all disciplines and all parts of the globe.

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Are you a revolution starter? An out-of-the-box thinker? A stop-at-nothing-until-it-works doer? Thought For Food is your place to be. Join our program in Rio in July!

  • Young entrepreneurs talking to each other on the 2017 TFF Bootcamp. They are outside, sun is shining.
  • A woman is listening to a thought-provoking keynote by a Millennial speaker at our 2017 TFF Summit.
  • Take it to the Farmer wins the 2,500 Dollars prize from the Norman Borlaug Foundation. Six people standing on stage, happy, holding a cardboard prize in their hands.
  • Two men cheerfully point fingers at each other at our Thought For Food Global Summit.
  • A woman in the front is blurred, one woman is smiling and laughing, one man thinking about a food innovation.
What we do

Next-gen impact

We strive to make real impact on the food system through our work to:

Engage and empower the next generation.

Incentivize, fund and support new ideas and startups from around the world.

Unite diverse innovators to solve big problems.

Experiment with open business models and collaboration approaches.

Create talent, reputation and innovation opportunities for the industry.

  • TFF is an ideal example to see how big corporations interact with small sustainable enterprises, a trend that I believe will take place on a large scale in the future.

    Haitao Yu Scaling-up Rural and Community-Driven Entrepreneurship
  • Thought For Food has inspired me to pursue my passions and to nurture a positive vision of the future. The TFF Community is a big family that will stay with me forever.

    Peter Bickerton Next-Gen Council Member
  • TFF is a program that is about action, not just talking. It delivers a real ROI.

    Julie Borlaug Borlaug Center for International Agriculture
  • After TFF, you will never be the same. The world will never be the same.

    Gerald Perry Marin Ambassador
Network with Millennial an Gen Z entrepreneurs.
Learn how to apply cutting-edge technologies to solve big problems.
A woman in the front is blurred, one woman is smiling and laughing, one man thinking about a food innovation.
Try the newest food innovations.
Scope out job opportunities and connect with potential employers and partners.
What we do

Our Program

Our entire Thought For Food program has been specifically designed to live true to the values, mindsets, and ways of thinking and operating that next generation innovators represent.

The annual TFF Challenge catalyzes, supports and funds startups that are built by millennials and GenZ entrepreneurs around the world. Every year, we generate hundreds of new business ideas, and to date, we have launched more than 40 new startups in key areas such as nutrition, synthetic biology, vertical farming, precision agriculture/ data, logistics, new foods and appropriate tech for smallholders.

The annual TFF Academy and Summit bring together interdisciplinary leaders from science, entrepreneurship, industry, policy, and design to explore, debate and create ‘what’s next’ in food and agriculture. As a core part of these programs, we provide access to our Design Thinking Lab, Startup Bootcamp, and Leadership Skill-building Masterclasses.

The TFF Community includes more than 12,000 brilliant and passionate young minds from 160 countries – and is growing every year. Our NextGen Council and our global network of TFF Ambassadors advises on our strategy and amplifies the impact we make.


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