November 23-29

Alternative Protein Topical Week

We're kicking off a new format! Join the first TFF Topical Week around Alternative Proteins to get past the hype and dominating headlines. We will co-create insights and research, inspire, and connect the dots.

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Thought For Food® unlocks the potential of the next generations to lead a sustainable food and agricultural revolution.

We work with young people for two reasons: Millennials and GenZs represent the largest demographics alive. By the numbers, they are also the most diverse, tech-savvy, well-educated, globally-connected, and socially-conscious generations the world has ever seen. Our food systems require a shakeup and young people can lead the change we need, just in time.

We engage next-gen innovators globally. We empower them with the mindsets and skills they need to lead and succeed. And we connect them to investment and partnership opportunities to help scale their impact.

Our track record is strong. In 8 years, we have helped launch 60+ startups that collectively raised $200M+, accelerated 5K+ new deep-tech ventures and built a global community of 20K+ Millennial and GenZ innovators from 170+ countries across the globe. And we’re just getting started. Join us!

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