Through the years, we have worked with food, agriculture and climate initiatives of all shapes and sizes to share exiting stories and solutions with the world. 

Here are some examples of our work:

TFF Generation Food 

Described as “Shark Tank meets The Voice for a Global Impact,” this 1-hour film shares the stories of ten teams of entrepreneurs transforming food systems from the ground up. Learn about real lobster meat grown in the lab, designer biochar that enables soil carbon sequestration, indigenous-powered plant-based foods, and digital communities that regenerate farming communities. Generation Food premiered at the UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) for World Food Day 2021.


TFF Generation Fest

TFF’s flagship event was held in Brooklyn in September 2022. We united CEOs, startups, scientists, chefs, farmers, and creatives from more than 60 countries. The main-stage talks were peppered with creative immersions like a full-sensory soil & mycelium room, a microbial art gallery, NFTs for good, a recharge spa, a Jollof-face off, dancing, and so much more. Dive into our after-movie and full playlist.


TFF Generation Destination

For Earth Day 2022, we partnered with internationally-acclaimed music producer Vintage & Morelli to bring to life an unforgettable change-maker retreat. Connected through the power of food, we ignited inspiration, creativity, community, and action for a better planet. Pump up your speakers to enjoy this energizing 1-hour set that took place in a breathtaking, hidden location in the desert.


TFF Challenge Finale:

While the rest of 2020 was cancelled, TFF leaned into our unstoppable spirit and brought to life a cinematic virtual extravaganza that celebrated the resilience and perseverance of entrepreneurs on the frontlines.

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