Check out some of our most iconic productions.

Starring our TFF global network of startups, innovators, DJs, and creatives, these larger-than-life videos show a different side to what innovation in food and agriculture is all about. Get inspired and excited about all that is happening – and all is to come!

TFF Generation Food™ 

Described as “Shark Tank meets Pop Idol for a Global Impact,” this energizing 1-hour film shares the stories of ten teams of next-gen entrepreneurs who are developing solutions like lab-grown lobster meat, WhatsApp as a tool for more sustainable farming, biochar for long-term carbon storage in soils, and nourishing plant-based foods that incorporate indigenous wisdom. Generation Food premiered at the UN Food & Agriculture Organization for World Food Day 2021.


TFF Generation Fest™ 2022 Playlist

TFF’s flagship event united CEOs, startups, scientists, chefs, farmers, and creatives from more than 60 countries in Brooklyn. The thought-provoking mainstage talks were peppered with immersions like a full-sensory soil and mycelium room, a microbial art gallery, a regenerative recharge spa, dancing, and more. Check out our playlist!


TFF Generation Destination™

For Earth Day, we partnered with music producer Vintage & Morelli (Monstercat) for an unforgettable change-maker retreat in the desert focused on igniting inspiration, creativity, community, and action for a better planet. Here’s the 1-hour set in this breathtaking location.


TFF Challenge Finales and Demo Days:

Check out these cinematic virtual extravaganzas showcasing the incredible stories and solutions by entrepreneurs in every region the world who are saving our food systems.



TEDxThoughtForFood Playlist

TEDxThoughtForFood organized by TFF SE Asia Regional Hub and is part of the global movement of TED Countdown events that aim to amplify and demonstrate climate solutions and turn ideas into action. Tune in to be part of the global movement now:

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