When we design our program, we ask ourselves what matters most to the next generation. What skills will they need to advance their careers, succeed in life and leave a positive footprint on Earth? What will they benefit from most, that traditional academic and job opportunities don’t offer? 

At Thought For Food®, we value the next generation of leaders and changemakers. We want to stay current, which means always evaluating trends and keeping up with the workforce’s newest additions. It boils down to honing your soft skills, leveraging your expertise and cultivating your network.

Our TFF Ambassador program aims to offer multi-dimensional opportunities because each of us follows a different path in life and has inherited skills which if nurtured, make us unique and powerful individuals. 

As a TFF Ambassador, you have the power to make the most of our programs. Wondering what that is? We’ve only scratched the surface of the intricate web of potential that can be unleashed from our TFF Community™. Here are a few of the ways you can benefit from what TFF has to offer:

✍️ Practice your writing skills and publish blogs to a global audience.

👁‍🗨 Build your influencer page on social media backed by TFF.

🎙 Plan and host a live conversation on a topic that you care about. Your live event will be streamed to a global audience.

📊 Conduct a research project around agriculture/ the food system/ entrepreneurship and contribute to official TFF reports.

🎯 Create TFF Digital Labs™ learning content around agriculture/ the food system/ entrepreneurship. Your content will help train thousands of innovators from around the world.

🤝 Reach out to local food startups and initiatives that you think we can support with our programs and build an ecosystem of like-minded partners.

🏆 Plan and run a regional pitch competition to find promising food and agriculture ventures in your city or region.

🗣 Train your marketing skills and find creative ways to promote the TFF programs digitally and in real life.

🔓 Tap into our existing industry network and build on it to gain traction to advance your career.

This list only captures a small portion of the endless opportunities that await you in your TFF Ambassadorship. We call on you to be creative and suggest bold ideas on how you want to shape your role as a TFF Ambassador and spread our mission in all places around the world.