Feitosa Foodtech develops and produces nutritious and delicious banana based consumer products such as ketchup, barbeque sauce, jam, and other condiments made from surplus bananas and peels. Their products utilize organic banana waste, including over-ripe fruits and peels, meaning these by-products are given value and remain in use rather than becoming waste. These products are sourced from local producers in Brazil, where it is crucial as Brazil is the 4th largest world producer of fruit, totalling 6,900 tons (FAO, 2013).

This World Banana Day (September 22nd), TFF and Feitosa Foodtech has teamed up to spread world banana appreciation. Fabricio Goulart, Feitosa’s Founder, has taught us a whole lot about bananas and why they are so important in the circularity of food economy. 

Fabricio and Feitosa aim to spread the word on how to fully use the whole of a banana and not have any waste. 40% of bananas produced are ended up discarded, making it the most wasted in the world as well. Our TFFer Bea Gallucci Mazziero interviewed Fabricio on our Insta Live where he shared wonderful tips and recipes to how we could use the whole of a banana. His favourite being the Brazilian local dish ‘Cartola’ where they add cheese on bananas! Wow! 

To learn more about these fantastic recipes and how Feitosa is saving the bananas, one peel at a time, join us on World Food Day for the live broadcast of Thought For Food: The 2020 Challenge Finale. Fabricio Goulart will be featured in a roundtable discussion with Merijn Dols (Global Director of Open Innovation and Circular Economy for Food at Danone) to talk about the Circular Economy of Food topical prize which he won earlier this year at TFF. 

Go bananas!

Meet Fabricio this World Food Day! 🍌

At the broadcast of Thought For Food: The 2020 Challenge Finale. Learn more about the 3-hour live event and sign up for free.