Get into the holiday spirit and consider some ethical and impact-oriented gifts brought to you by Thought For Food!

All items listed here for you, are dedicated to making a positive impact on our sustainable shift towards inclusive & resilient global food systems that can feed and nourish our growing world population.

These products would make great gifts for people that love food and farming, or for anyone who believes in the power of young people making the world a better place!

We hope this inspires you and those who are being gifted to continue supporting us in our global next-gen movement and to remind you to take small positive actions every single day. So, harness those holiday vibes, because we’re about to present the one and only: Thought For Food Holiday Gift Guide.

For Foodies


FoPo is a dried food powder that adds additional nutrients to foods like yogurt, soup or even water. The company takes fruit that is being discarded from supermarkets, dries it and turns it into a delicious and healthy powder — they are helping eliminate food waste and finding a new way to help end global hunger. 

Price: Starting at $2


Kelpy makes kelp chips, a healthy snack alternative to the traditional potato version. Kelp is a type of seaweed that serves as a natural ocean filter and is a healthy source of iodine, vitamins, and minerals. By keeping kelp farms afloat, the company is aiding ocean conservation efforts.

Price: $4/bag 


Attention, chocolate lovers! Nutricandies has created a vegetable-based, highly nutritious, chocolate-flavored food product that is sourced from smallholder farmers in Brazil. By fostering a more collaborative local economy, and aiming at changing people’s eating habits as well as combatting obesity, Nutricandies’ chocolate products are truly sweet delicacies to enjoy – without having a guilty conscience.

Spira Inc.

This natural pigment with plant-based ingredients from spirulina microalgae brings with it a variety of health benefits, like antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, it’s a guaranteed feel-good purchase! This product has the power to effectively replace artificial coloring and provide quality nutrients, with consideration to how we can help the environment thrive as well. Now that’s an admirable task, and what better shade to do it in, than vibrant blue! 

Price: $15/ 10g sample

We Are The New Farmers

Eating the right thing can be complicated and maintaining a healthy diet with a busy schedule is difficult. That’s why We Are The New Farmers grow and harvest fresh Spirulina in Brooklyn. One spoon per day covers your nutritional back and makes sure you are in control of your diet. It’s like super-charging your morning routine!

Price: $22/4 oz

YUNO by Food to Heal

YUNO’s Natural Nootropics Drinks are ready-to-go 2oz drink packs developed from 99+ spices, herbs, and other wonderful ingredients to be the next generation of 100% natural energy drinks + coffee-class drinks. Developed into six proprietary blends, the drinks fit for the experiences of a modern professional, of more than just “energy”.

Available soon.

💡 Tip for a hassle-free Christmas dinner: The holiday season can be very stressful and maybe you and your family decide to take it slower this year and fully enjoy the cozy and slow spirit of the season. Instead of cooking your own 5-course menu, why don’t you order a delicious Christmas dinner with Pona, a marketplace for home-cooked food, for and by people who care.  Learn more. (Pona is currently only available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.) 


For Bookworms

Books are a great gift to give during the holiday season and what better subject to tackle than our favorite: sustainability and global food security! Here is our tailored TFF reading guide to fill your holidays with valuable conversations about the future of food!


For Activists

reNature for Agroforestry

The founders of reNature, Felipe Villela and Marco de Boer first met at the TFF Summit last year, and now help farmers all over the world to change their production methods to a sustainable agroforestry system. If you’d like to join by activating new solutions with reNature, why not start by spreading the movement with one of their fabulous t-shirts and hoodies?

Price: $28 to $60

Conscious Step

Choose the cause you want to support and get a pair of socks! Mindful manufacturing, a sustainable supply chain, ethical workplaces, and certified fair tradespeople. 

Support our Growing TFF Community 🙏

We’d love your support for our movement. Together, we can reach our goal of empowering every young person in the world with the connections, resources, and tools they need to help change our food systems for the better. We would greatly appreciate any donation you can contribute to help our cause (all donations are tax-deductible).

For Techsters


KinoSol is a solar-powered, personal-sized food dehydrator for fruits, vegetables, grains, and insect protein. By being able to easily dehydrate food, you extend the life of the nutrients available to you and reduce overall food waste. The company also allows you to help send dehydrators to families in developing countries. 

Price: $120 each, or sponsor a kit for $25+


Anyone can grow delicious healthy herbs –  Reconnect with nature through urban farming! This automated indoor garden unit uses high-pressure Aeroponics, LED Light for horticulture and environmental sensors for the efficient growth of herbs & plants any time of the year. Get your living farm started this holiday season!


Agrilution brings fresh greens into your kitchen! With their intelligent indoor garden, you can grow your own lettuce, microgreens and herbs on eight fields. From so-called microgreens to Asian delicacies like Mizuna to heirloom varieties that are not available in the supermarket, they offer a varied selection of greens for your daily dose of vitamins. Planting and harvesting without effort brings many undreamt-of benefits: You can focus on enjoying your bountiful harvest – daily!

Price: 2.979,00 €


For Education

AGRIman Adventure Series

This comic book series is a fun way to learn about food and agriculture. The hero, AGRIman, is “the world’s most powerful food provider” and wants to teach others how to properly feed the world.

 Price: Free


Grow your own oyster mushrooms from coffee grounds in just 10 days with this awesome kit! 

Price: $22


Sustainable Choices 

Final Straw 

Reusable, responsibly made products that reduce the need for plastics, empower individuals to change their buying habits and raise awareness of the impacts of our everyday decisions. 

Price: $25

Beeswax wraps OR DIY

Beeswax wraps are all the rage right now and we totally understand why! They are all-natural products, reusable and biodegradable. Plus you can even make your own, check out this DIY tutorial to save extra on sustainable kitchenware!

Price: Starting from $13


Sunglasses made from recycled plastic, backed by a lifetime warranty. Sunski will replace a damaged part of your frames without needing to replace them entirely!

Price: Starting from $30


This company collaborates with sustainable brands to optimize the shopping experience and make it as eco-friendly as possible. Tentree plants 10 trees for every purchase you make. You can be certain of this because you’ll receive a code with your purchase, you can log on to see where your tree is being planted and the impact it is having. 


The Best Thing to Gift: Time!

→ Take someone to the TFF Summit in Kuala Lumpur on March 26, 2020 (tickets will be available soon! – just write a DIY gift card for now 😉)

→ Take a trip to a local farm or agricultural production site

→ Plan to plant your own urban garden in the springtime

Happy Holidays!


Illustrations by Rafaela Spangenthal