The circular economy as a concept gained popularity in 2010 thanks to Dame Ellen MacArthur—since then, circular economy has become a hot topic throughout many industries yet we have a long way to go and a lot to learn en voyage.

Looking at the circular economy through the lens of our food system has gathered momentum and after our successful topical challenge with some amazing partners like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Danone, and Google—TFF remains committed to accelerating education and know-how in order to build the circular food and agriculture systems of the future.

To inspire action, we are relaunching the #CEF: Circular Economy of Food Lab with new content. Below you find some excerpts from the TFF Digital Labs. To dive deeper into the concept of circularity, just sign up for free at

👆 Agricycle Global Case Study

Agricycle Global has built-in fundamental principles into their social business model that epitomizes the strive for a truly circular, direct-to-consumer product that no doubt you will take inspiration from. Continue reading.

👆 A Guide to Running a Circular Venture with Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson, CEO of Full Cycle Bioplastics shares detail orientated insight and advice from his years of experience in the industry that you can directly apply to your journey. Continue reading.

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