Join The Future of Agriculture is Regenerative, a live stream event in conjunction with the annual 5th December celebration of World Soil Day by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Hear about the secrets of soil from natural farming experts across the globe!

On December 5, TFF SEA will participate in the annual World Soil Day (WSD2020) by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to kick off its presence in Southeast Asia. This year’s edition of the event is themed “Keep Soil Alive, Protect Soil Biodiversity”.

From December 1-4, in the lead up to the WSD2020 event, TFF will be organising a calendar of events and roadshows that platform and support its mission to unlock the potential of the region’s next generation of innovators for a safe, sustainable, food and agriculture revolution.

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‘The Future of Agriculture is Regenerative’ (December 5)

The TFF SEA event will kick off at 11 am (GMT+8) on December 5th and will be led by our guest speaker and natural farming expert, Dr Ting Ho. He is the founder of Back2Nature, a start-up focusing on nature-inspired farming methods, and has extensive experience and networks on this topic.

  • The WHY: How natural farming with modern bioscience can be profitable and productive
  • The WHAT: Scientific evidence from leading panel of researchers – on the regenerative role of the soil for sustainable agriculture
  • The HOW: Working with Nature to restore soil biodynamics
  • SNEAK PEEK: View a pilot project in Malaysia for natural farming

We will hear from experts across the globe, offering insights into the science behind regenerative farming.

  • Prof. Hesham Ali El Enshasy​, Director of Institute of Bioproduct Development, UTM
  • Dr Mahmad Nor Jaafar AMP, SSP, Fellow Researcher at Institute Of Sustainable Agrotechnology, Unimap
  • Dr Desiraju Rao, ICAR-Emeritus Scientist, Indian Institute of Soil Science
  • Dr Md. Yusof Husin, Former Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
  • Dr Lawal Marafa, Professor & Director of Master of Social Science in Sustainable Tourism, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Participants who register early will receive a complimentary e-ticket to watch Kiss the Ground (December 4, 8 pm GMT+8). This is an inspiring documentary featuring Woody Harrelson, on how soil can help humanity tackle climate change. Watch the trailer below. 

Register for TFF SEA WSD2021 🌱

Live programs with experts from across the globe, Netflix "Kiss the Ground" watch party, local Ambassador movement, and more! Take part and regenerate the world's soil with us.

WSD2020 marks the inaugural event for TFF SE Asia Regional Hub, which is set to officially launch in Q1 2021. Fundamental to Southeast Asia’s future economic development and sustained growth is the protection and preservation of the soil. Hence the urgency to promote awareness and understanding of a key component in the planet’s ecosystem. We can start right within our communities and nation.

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