Food and agriculture’s most dynamic innovation challenge launches and scales locally-relevant solutions for our planet’s most pressing challenges; Participants have the chance to work with industry leaders and win cash prizes, travel, and world-class acceleration for their startups.

The TFF Challenge 2022 calls on innovators and entrepreneurs around the world to build better food systems

Basel, Switzerland, April 12 — Thought For Food (TFF) – the world’s pioneer and leader in next-gen innovation for food and agriculture – has launched the 9th edition of its flagship program, the TFF Challenge®. 

As the world’s most-diverse and impact-focused food-and agri-tech innovation challenge, the TFF Challenge® calls on the next-generation innovators and entrepreneurs in all regions to submit solutions that address the question: “How do we feed 10 billion people on a hotter planet?”

Since 2013, Thought For Food® has engaged more than 30,000 innovators from over 175 countries and has helped to launch 70+ startups that have gone on to raise millions of dollars, earn partnerships with leading companies, gain global exposure, and make on-the-ground impact. Some of these startups include  Agrilution (vertical farming, DE), Climate Edge (precision ag, UK), Safi Organics (crop inputs, Kenya), Banoo (aquaculture, ID), Cultured Decadence (alt protein, USA), and Agrosmart (precision ag, BR). 

Early-stage innovators are called on to participate, from idea stage through to incorporated startup. Teams are encouraged to sign up to the TFF Challenge® as early as possible so that they can benefit from the programs and community that TFF offers and gain a leading edge in winning this year’s prizes, which includes:

  • $30,000+ USD in combined cash grants from TFF and partners;
  • Invitation to the TFF Academy, a personalized 16-week acceleration program that offers hands-on mentoring, pitch training, industry introductions, and storytelling;
  • Chance to pitch to investors and industry leaders at the global TFF Summit;  
  • Additional perks and opportunities offered by TFF’s broad network of partners, including licenses to software, datasets, and training sessions
  • Access to life-changing connections from TFF’s global community of movers and shakers.
See the real journey of a TFF startup, from joining the TFF Challenge® and to a full exit.

Check out this short video to see the real journey of a TFF startup, from joining the TFF Challenge® and to a full exit.

In addition to the global open call, teams can also opt in for the chance to even more “Topical Prizes” that are being offered in the following areas: 

The TFF Challenge® is open to all kinds of solutions  – beyond and inclusive of the above-listed Topical Prizes. 

Over the 6-week TFF Challenge® period, participants gain 24/7 support and can dive into the TFF Digital Labs™, a first-of-its-kind digital collaboration platform that provides on-demand access to leading industry experts, resources, and interactive experiences. The platform has recently undergone a significant upgrade to offer increased functionality and content from leading partners that covers critical topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership, systems thinking and innovation. 

Final submissions are due July 14th, 2022. Following this, 10 Teams will be selected as TFF Finalists. They will then take part in the TFF Academy™, a four-month startup acceleration program that TFF has built to enable startup success and positive impact in the food and agricultural sector.

The TFF Academy™ supports teams in areas like business model development, pitching, storytelling, team building, and how to make and measure a positive impact on people and the planet. This culminates with the chance to pitch to investors, corporates, and other potential partners at the TFF Summit™ that will take place on September 30th in Brooklyn, New York. 

All details for the TFF Challenge®, including Terms and Conditions, can be found at

Check out our newly-upgraded collaboration platform: The TFF Digital Labs.

“With the urgency of climate change and the repercussions of the global pandemic and ongoing conflicts around the world, our annual TFF Challenge® couldn’t come at a better time. We are creating a groundswell of new and necessary solutions by incentivising innovation from the passionate and creative leaders of the next generation,”  says Christine Gould, Founder and CEO of the Thought For Food® Foundation. 

“We ask young people to do what they do best—which is to push boundaries and question assumptions. Through the years, this approach has delivered tangible impact with some of the most robust and inspired ideas of our generation being created and launched. We can’t wait to see what types of innovation this year brings forward.”

Sign-ups for the TFF Challenge® 2022 are now open at

If you have any questions about participating and/or want to support Thought For Food® by using our media kit to share this opportunity with your networks, please contact us. 

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