Basel, Switzerland, 10 August 2020 – As a year that is disrupting much of what we have taken for granted over the past decades, 2020 is also helping to raise global awareness for the urgency and importance of transforming our world’s food systems to become more resilient and inclusive. That is what we are honoured and humbled to announce that Thought For Food®️’s Founder and CEO Christine Gould has been appointed by the UN Deputy Secretary-General to join the Advisory Committee for the UN Food Systems Summit. 

The UN Food Systems Summit will be convened in 2021 by The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, in collaboration with The United Nations (UN) Rome-based Agencies. It will serve as a critical contribution to the Decade of Action to deliver the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Summit aims to better understand the food systems challenges we must solve, and build a global conversation on how we produce, process, and consume food. Galvanising global actions and commitments from a variety of actors, the Summit will also focus on activating investment efforts to provide safe, nutritious food for all while ensuring the complex systems we rely on are more resilient to future shocks such as climate change. 

Serving the Advisory Committee role in a personal capacity, Christine will bring forward her deep passion for and expertise in next generation-led, purpose-driven innovation and entrepreneurship in the food and agricultural sector to provide strategic guidance for the UN Food Systems Summit’s successful development and implementation. She joins eminent leaders from intergovernmental humanitarian organisations, international research institutes, educational institutions, as well as for-profit and nonprofit organisations. 

“I am thrilled for this incredible opportunity to bring forward the diverse perspective, voices and ideas of young people and entrepreneurs from all parts of the world, and I look forward to participating in new types of global conversations that are more brave, bold and inclusive than ever before. We don’t have time to wait – we need to take real action for our food systems and climate now, and we must adopt approaches based on openness, collaboration, and systems-thinking in order to deconstruct barriers between disciplines, geographies, and generations. This is the only way we can build back better post-COVID,” states TFF®️ Founder and CEO and UN Advisory Committee member Christine Gould.

The Advisory Committee will meet quarterly leading up to the Summit. To learn more about Thought For Food®️’s agenda in supporting food system innovators on the frontlines and get involved in our preparations for the UN Food Systems Summit, please visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn

Read the official UN press release announcing the Advisory Committee and its members here.  

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