Epidemiologists, biologists, and doctors have worked tirelessly for decades to understand and predict the very situation we are now faced with on a daily basis: a global pandemic.

It is impossible to predict the exact time and date of an outbreak and its potential origin before patient zero. But what we can do outside of epidemiology expertise is to make some predictions about what the world will look like when this is all over…

And that is exactly what Co-founder & CEO of Pona and TFFer Philip Seifi has done. New on the TFF Digital Labs, Philip shares with us his predictions for foodtech and F&B after COVID-19 and why you should be excited for what’s to come:

  • A shift towards plant-based diets
  • A greater focus on eating local
  • Young people cooking more often at home
  • Freeze on home food sale regulations
  • Mass adoption on cashless payment
  • Proliferation of cashier-less stores
  • The Golden Age of food delivery
  • Relaxed OR more stringent food safety rules
  • Digitization of brick-and-mortar F&B
  • Emergence of the next food tech unicorn

Let us know if you agree or if your predictions differ—you can leave your thoughts on the docs linked at the bottom of each topic of Philip’s course. We’ll definitely be watching consumers dramatic shift towards a plant-based diet closely.

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