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Generation Fest

Join us for the first-annual Generation Fest 2022. We’re coming together on September 30th in the creative epicenter of Brooklyn, NYC for an experience you do not want to miss!

Meet visionary CEOs, cutting-edge entrepreneurs, pioneering scientists, and boundary-breaking creatives who are building the future of food, agriculture, business and society. A future that is regenerative, inclusive, and delicious.

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Generation Fest 2022 by Thought For Food

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Keynotes, fireside chats, full-sensory immersions:  

  • Biodesigned Solutions for Food, Fashion, Beauty
  • Soil Carbon Farming
  • Alternative Proteins / Plant-based Foods
  • Gene-editing / Crispr
  • Web3 and ReFi for Climate Action
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Food Waste
  • Vertical Farming
  • And so much more

More speakers & sessions coming up! 

Generation Fest


  • Ghetto Gastro

    Represented by Chef Pierre Serrao and Chef Lester Walker
  • Christine Gould

    Founder & CEO of Thought For Food, UN Food Systems Advisory Committee Member
  • Maria Belousova

    Chief Digital Officer of Indigo
  • Sherrie Silver

    IFAD Ambassador & Award-winning Choreographer
  • Laura Katz

    CEO of Helaina
  • Catherine Feuillet

    Chief Scientific Officer of Inari, Pioneer in Plant Breeding
  • Viraj Puri

    CEO of Gotham Greens
  • Eric Parkin

    Digital Innovation at Cargill
  • Henry Gordon-Smith

    Founder and CEO of Agritecture
  • Abang Brian

    Plant-Based MasterChef
  • Ramel Smooth Bradley

    Former Basketball Player, Co Founder AppHarvest, God of the Hills Founder
  • Catherine Roggero-Lovisi

    CEO of Modern Meadow
  • Katherine Soll

    Founder and CEO of Teens for Food Justice
  • Rachel Alkon

    Food Systems Communications
  • Zach Lippman

    Plant-Breeding Expert
  • Nancy Easton

    Executive Director, Co-Founder of Wellness in Schools
  • Patricia Bubner

    CEO & Founder of Orbillion
  • Olivia English

    Founder & Creative Director of LiveGreenkc
  • Eben Bayer

    Founder & CEO of Ecovative
  • Nigel Teh

    Founder of Next Billion Burgers
  • Mariana Vasconcelos

    Founder & CEO of Agrosmart
  • Shen Ming Lee

    Author of Hungry for Disruption
  • Karen Ingram

    Co-author of “BioBuilder: Synthetic Biology in the Lab”
  • Lucas Pladevall Moreira

    CEO of CBA Sementes
  • Marcus Aurelius

    Core Team Contributor at KlimaDAO
  • Tyler Simmons

  • Mojo Jojo

    DJ & Musical Storyteller
  • Erin Kim

    Creative Director at Geltor
  • Andrew Carter

    Co-Founder & CEO at Smallhold
  • Paulina Bialek

    CEO & Co-Founder of FrostyWhale
  • Tommie Sunshine

    DJ, Activist, Music Producer
  • Henry Obispo

    Founder & CEO of ReBORN FARMS
  • Maxfield Kaniger

    CEO of Kanbes Markets
  • Christoph Langwallner

    Co-Founder & CEO of WhatIF Foods
  • Karl Kremling

    Senior Scientist at Inari
  • John Gordon Jr.

    Executive Director at Boys Grow

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Generation Fest


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