Thought For Food®️

September 30th - Brooklyn, NY

Thought For Food is an organization at the intersection of food, technology, innovation, music, and next-gen culture.

This all comes to life at Generation Fest. 🔥

We’re bringing together some of the world’s most visionary and cutting-edge thinkers and doers for a highly-experiential program focused on co-creating a more inclusive and abundant food future for all.

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Generation Fest is more than an event. It’s a community – a generation – with purpose. We piloted some of our ideas for this new concept earlier this year, bringing together a small group of TFF movers and shakers to the desert of the Middle East to track a new trajectory for the future of food.

👇 Check out this video and get a feel for the amazing desert vibes! 👇

Now, we are counting down to head to the creative hub of Brooklyn this September 30th.

Culture-shapers, next-gen entrepreneurs, music artists, designers and and corporates will come together to fire up our collective energies to take action and make real change. 

Here’s what you will experience:

  • Connections & Community: a unique, powerful change-maker network
  • Mindset Shift: new ways of thinking / perspectives of what’s possible
  • Immersive Learning: performances, activations, tours, showcases, music
  • Food & Culture: taste the future, from everywhere
  • Visuals & Atmosphere: recharge and energize in our futuristic playground

We’ll soon be sharing more information about Generation Fest. In the meantime, mark your calendars! 

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