TFF Summit

“SXSW meets WEF”—where partnerships come to life and bold solutions take off

The TFF Summit is our flagship global event that features unconventional and impactful programmatic elements to explore food and agri-tech trends and frontiers. Popping up at a different location every year, the TFF Summit unites a diverse, interdisciplinary community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, policymakers and creatives.


TFF Academy

The TFF Academy connects the top startups selected in the TFF Challenge with diverse mentors and experts from our vast industry, business, and innovation network. Through hands-on sessions, they consult and advise the teams on their entrepreneurial journey. Besides that, the TFF Academy involves peer-to-peer sessions and focused acceleration units.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we try to connect dots across the world.

Meet some of our mentors…

  • Meredith Mendola

    Founding Member of the Corporate Innovation Team at KWS Group
  • Ayna Arora

    Global Manager for ZXlerator Accelerator at ZX Ventures
  • Albert Kure

    Co-founder of FrontierSS & 2018 TFF Challenge Winner
  • Maria Thaís Affonso

    Senior Advisor Strategy, Intelligence and Sustainability
  • Gabriel Wilmoth

    Senior Consultant in Agriculture
  • Payam Pourtaheri

  • Laura Lee

    Senior Manager of Digital Innovation for KWS
  • Carlos Castellanos

    COO of Cultivando Futuro
  • Dr. Apeh Omede

    CEO and co-founder at Greenrise Innovation Hub Nigeria Limited
  • Bret Waters

    Standford Lecturer & Founder of 4thly
  • Joaquín Tintoré King

    Strategy and Business Development Manager at Blendhub
  • Nuno Leitão

    Senior Biological Scientist at Synthace Limited
  • Eamonn McGuinty

    Research Consultant Agri-Food Analytics Lab
  • Fernando Grasso Trigo

    M&A and Corporate Strategist for KWS
  • Caio Bacci

    Project Manager for Digital Innovation Accelerator at KWS
  • Dustin Betz

    Content Editor at the Founder Institute
  • Bandhana Katoch

    Director of Agriculture at Larta Institute
  • Leo Melchers

    Independent Consultant in Agriculture and Biotechnology
  • Michael Kock

    Vice President, Innovation Catalyst at Inari
  • Utsav Soni

    ASIA | India
  • Edward Perello

    Associate Director for Agriculture at Deep Science Ventures
  • Matt Foley

    Program Director at Invest Nebraska & Lead of the Combine AgriFood Incubator
  • Being a part of TFF opens a portal to regions of the world you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. It’s been extremely meaningful to interact with individuals from all corners of the globe and learn about their motivations to drive food and ag innovations there.