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TFF Global Events

IMPORTANT UPDATE: TFF Events Rescheduled!

In view of the continued health and safety risks caused by the novel coronavirus, we have taken the tough decision to postpone all TFF Global Events in Malaysia to a later date in 2020. We are in the process of confirming new dates for all of the events and will share these with you soon in hopes that you can join us. Please stay tuned here and on our social media channels @thoughtforfoodorg (Twitter: @thoughtforfood_).

In partnership with the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, Sunway Group and the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI), we are bringing the TFF Global Events to Malaysia to catalyse entrepreneurship and technological innovation.

New dates for the TFF Summit, TFF Academy, Borneo Biodiversity Expedition, and Kedah Next-Gen Innovation Retreat TBA soon!

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TFF Summit

The TFF Summit brings together purpose-driven entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors, policymakers, and creative thinkers for an unconventional program that ignites bold visions, action-oriented conversations, and authentic global connections focused on transforming the future.

2020 Speakers include:

  • Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah AO

    Founder & Chairman of SUNWAY Group
  • Gemma Milne

    Forbes Contributor
  • Holley M. Kholi-Murchison

    Partner at HOLI. Brands
  • Christine Gould

    Founder & CEO of Thought For Food
  • Cassia Moraes

    Founder & CEO of Youth Climate Leaders
  • Michiel Bakker

    Head of Google Food
  • Julie Borlaug

    VP Communications and Public Relations of Inari
  • Roy Steiner

    Vice President of Food at Rockefeller
  • Saul Griffith

    Founder and Principal Scientist at Otherlab
  • Charlie Yeo

    Chief Executive Officer Sarawak Biodiversity Centre
  • Tati Lund

    Plant-Based Chef at Org Bistro & Nutritionist
  • Felipe Villela

    Co-founder of reNature
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NextGen Experiences

Borneo Biodiversity Expedition

Educational experience with Sarawak Biodiversity Center, SynBioBeta and reNature Foundation.

TFF Academy

Sunway City Kuala Lumpur
Incubator for the global TFF Challenge Finalist Teams as well as other elite entrepreneurs.

TFF NextGen Innovation Retreat

In partnership with ASLI and Crops For the Future Research Center, we aim to revitalise the State of Kedah as the „Rice Bowl of Asia“.

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We will announce new dates for the TFF Summit and NextGen Innovation Retreat soon, please stay tuned here and on our social media channels @thoughtforfoodorg (Twitter: @thoughtforfood_)

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