Introduction to the TFF Academy

The TFF Academy is a one-of-a-kind startup accelerator customized for Finalists in the TFF Challenge. We have applied our years of experience and passion for agri-food-tech to build a hands-on, high-velocity 16-week programme that brings together world-renowned coaches and local experts to support you with things like pitching to investors, developing your business plan for maximum impact, building your team and brand, winning over hearts and minds through powerful storytelling, and developing the practical, next-gen ninja skills that will take your ventures to the next level.

What sets the TFF Academy apart from other accelerators is that we have built this specifically for the next generations of purpose-driven entrepreneurs in the food and agricultural space. We deeply understand the unique challenges and timelines facing this sector. We know how to talk to diverse and demanding customers (farmers and consumers). We also know that making real, long-term change requires new types of business models and value propositions that don’t replicate the problems of our current food systems, and instead help to create inclusive growth and systems-wide transformation.

  • Being a part of TFF opens a portal to regions of the world you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. It’s been extremely meaningful to interact with individuals from all corners of the globe and learn about their motivations to drive food and ag innovations there.

    Laura Lee Senior Manager of Digital Innovation for KWS

After extensive consultations with entrepreneurs at all stages and in all parts of the world, we have built the TFF Academy to help impact-focused startups be massively successful in the market while also staying true to their visions and values. Our track record is strong – since 2013, we have helped to launch 100+ startups in every region, which have partnered with leading companies, gained coverage in major media, and raised millions of dollars in investments. Here are just a few of them – Agrilution, Agrosmart, Biteback, Cultivando Futuro.

tff academy

Perks & Prizes

🗣️ Pitch Coaching

You will get one-on-one support from a top international pitch coach who has helped hundreds of startups garner millions of dollars in investments. By the end of the TFF Academy, you will have a compelling video pitch and solid deck that has the power to convince investors and partners to support you and your business.

“Pitching can be tough, but the TFF Academy gives you confidence and helps you stand out with a strong storyline and wow factor. I have used the pitch we developed to gain more investments.”  – TFF Finalist 2020 PFMS

🧑‍🏫 Personalized Mentoring

We will connect you with a variety of mentors who will support you and address your specific needs. Mentors have delivered incredible value to TFF teams through the years – some have even been invited to join the Boards of the startups they worked with!

“The TFF Academy and its experts helped fill the gaps in our business model by pushing us to think critically and try new things” – TFF Finalist 2020 CBA Sementes

📈 Startup Essentials

Our fast-paced but in-depth program will tackle key topics crucial to your success, including:

  • Business model development
  • Market segmentation and customer profiling
  • Marketing, branding, and storytelling
  • Finance Intellectual property
  • Multispectral Thinking
  • As well as: systems leadership, team-building, social media mastery, partnerships and more.

“Through continuous collaboration and expert feedback, the TFF Academy reframed our business model to position not only our product, but also our wider community impact, leading to a more valuable business model“ – TFF Finalist 2020 Banoo

📺 Media Exposure

We will highlight your vision and the amazing work you are doing via traditional and social media and create content that you can use on your website, social channels and with partners and investors.

💰 Cash Prizes

At the end of the TFF Academy, you will pitch virtually and you will be in the running for the following cash prizes:

  • $10K USD Grand Prize from Thought For Food Foundation
  • $7.5K USD Runner Up Prize from Thought For Food Foundation
  • $5K USD Most Investable Idea Prize by Kirchner Impact Foundation
  • $2.5K USD Take It To The Farmer Prize by Borlaug Foundation