TFF Academy

Virtual Program

Focused learning, expert mentoring and peer-to-peer collaboration: the TFF Academy is revolutionising startup acceleration in the food and agriculture space. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we try to connect dots across the world.

From April until July 2020, the virtual TFF Academy guides entrepreneurs through bite-sized startup acceleration and live sessions on the TFF Digital Labs training them in business models, route-to-market strategy, customer mapping, pitching, and storytelling. Additionally, the Finalists and Boost Teams selected in the 2019/20 TFF Challenge are matched with mentors and experts who can help them take their venture to the next level.

We have open-sourced our program, so anyone can access it at any time and join hundreds of other entrepreneurs on a mission to better food systems!

  • Being a part of TFF opens a portal to regions of the world you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. It’s been extremely meaningful to interact with individuals from all corners of the globe and learn about their motivations to drive food and ag innovations there.

    Laura Lee Senior Manager of Digital Innovation for KWS
TFF Academy

In-Person Program

The in-person TFF Academy is planned for 17-21 October 2020 at Sunway iLabs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In view of the continued health and safety risks caused by COVID-19 and as an organization dedicated to improving the health and livelihoods of people around the world, we have taken the tough decision to postpone all TFF Global Events in Malaysia to this October. We are cautiously optimistic to communicate the new dates for the TFF Academy and will, of course, continue monitoring any new developments related to the COVID-19 situation.

tff academy 2020

Experts & Mentors

  • Ayna Arora

    Global Manager for ZXlerator Accelerator at ZX Ventures
  • Payam Pourtaheri

    Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of AgroSpheres
  • Meredith Mendola

    Founding Member of the Corporate Innovation Team at KWS Group
  • Caio Bacci

    Project Manager for Digital Innovation Accelerator at KWS
  • Matt Foley

    Program Director at Invest Nebraska & Lead of the Combine AgriFood Incubator
  • Laura Lee

    Senior Manager of Digital Innovation for KWS
  • Carlos Castellanos

    COO of Cultivando Futuro
  • Eamonn McGuinty

    Research Consultant Agri-Food Analytics Lab
  • Gabriel Wilmoth

    Senior Consultant in Agriculture
  • Maria Thaís Affonso

    Senior Advisor Strategy, Intelligence and Sustainability
  • Nuno Leitão

    Senior Biological Scientist at Synthace Limited
  • Dustin Betz

    Content Editor at the Founder Institute
TFF Academy


Upon completion of the TFF Academy, your startup will be prepared for the launch, next funding round or scaling phase.

  • Orient your venture towards societal impact and financial achievement.
  • Learn to implement circular and sustainable principles.
  • Understand the local and global market.
  • Master creative and collaborative decision-making.
  • Grow your network of international founders, industry and investors.
  • Gain personal connections with like-minded changemakers.
  • Be at the forefront of food system transformation and know what’s next.
  • Be exposed to international media, such as WIRED, Forbes or the National Geographic.

Virtual TFF Academy 2020

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