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18.02.19, UN Environment
Five environmentally aware events to have on your radar

20.08.18, Epoca Negócios – Grupo Globo
5 inovações promissoras no setor de alimentação

20.08.18, UN Environment
Thought For Food: changing the way we eat

18.08.18, Epoca Negócios – Grupo Globo
“O Brasil representa o futuro da inovação na agricultura”

13.08.18, Forbes
Nigerian Biotech Startup Using Shrimp Shells To Save Food Wins Top Prize

10.08.18, Raft Collective
Feeding 9+ billion by 2050

08.08.18, AgFunderNews
African AgriFood Tech Startups are not Waiting on Western Tech

08.08.18, Forbes
Want To Start A Science Startup? Find A Problem, Not A Discovery

07.08.18, Earlham Institute
Thought For Food – Multispectral Thinking – Plastic, who needs it?

07.08.18, AgFunderNews
When an AgriFood Startup Pitch Competition is Truly Global, Smallholders Win