Our work with the visionary innovators and entrepreneurs over the past decade has taught us a powerful framework for innovation & collaboration, which we call “Next-Gen Attitudes.”

These attitudes underpin our overall approach to change-making at TFF – and we believe that anyone, regardless of age, position, or location, can tap into them in order to unlock new business opportunities, while building a more inclusive & climate-resilient food systems.

1. Openness

We embrace new experiences and diverse ideas, connecting seemingly unexpected dots to create breakthroughs.

2. Collaboration

We believe we can accomplish far more together than we could ever do alone, so we find ways transfer of ideas, share IP and break free of innovation silos.

3. Beginner’s Mindset

We strive to overcome ego or fear of being wrong, holding on to our innate curiosity in all that we do so that we can see the revolutionary possibilities that those shackled by orthodoxy can’t or won’t.

4. Entrepreneurial Methods

We constantly iterate and improve, sharing our learnings with others and finding creative, “bootstrappy” ways to drive action without waiting for perfection.

5. Purpose

We see the big picture and are driven towards long-term goals, instead of quick returns. 

6. Nurturing Communities

Ultimately, relationships drive forward everything that we do. We invest in our support systems, reviving and propelling each other forward.

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