The global TFF Challenge is our flagship collaborative agri-food-tech innovation competition, and is also the world’s largest and most diverse. To date, we have worked more than 8000+ ventures at every stage  – from ideation through to investment – and have launched 60+ startups that have collectively raised more than $200m.

We also work with our Partners and our Regional Hubs to run TFF Topical Challenges that leverage our proven methodology, digital platform, and unparalleled global/local reach to drive innovation around strategic topics of interest.

The TFF Challenge and TFF Topical Challenges are hosted on the TFF Digital Labs platform, which features content and resources across a range of 21st-century  innovation and entrepreneurship topics, as well as access to relevant mentors, experts and peer collaborators. 

2019/20 TFF Challenge

Meet the 2019/20 Finalists

The 2019/20 TFF Challenge was our biggest yet – with more than 5200 participants from 175 countries. In the end, 10 Teams were selected to earn a coveted position as a TFF Finalist:

2019/20 TFF Challenge Finalists:

Read more about each team in the press release here.

Want to know who took home the prizes? Watch here!
Check out the emotional reactions when teams learn they are TFF Challenge Finalists!
2020 TFF Challenge

Topical Prize Winners

We partnered with the Food Lab Accelerator at Google (FLAG), reNature Foundation and Beta.Space to offer special prizes in circular economy, agroforestry and space colonization (respectively).

The “Circular Economy of Food Challenge”

  • Winner: Feitosa Foodtech (Brazil)
  • Special Mentions: Kua Coffee (Australia), Tiger House (Ghana)

Read more about the teams here.

The “Regenerative Agroforestry Challenge”

  • Winner: Meli Amazonian Bees Network (Brazil)
  • Special Mention: FarmAgg (Sri Lanka)

Read more about the teams here.

The “Space Colonization Challenge”

  • Winner: GrowCab (UK/ Global)
  • Special Mention: Alterratech (Australia), Re Rustica Spatium (India)

Read more about the teams here.

TFF Challenge®️


The TFF Challenge calls on the world’s most creative and audacious next-gen innovators to step up and develop the new ideas and impact-focused startups that shake up how we feed the world. 

We call on you to develop cutting-edge, viable, locally-relevant solutions that address a wide range of pressing challenges affecting our food systems.

We are looking for science-and-technology breakthroughs in areas like AI, blockchain, and biotechnology, and which incorporate regenerative and inclusive business models such as circularity, open access, and sharing economy.

Areas of particular interest include nutritious foods; novel flavours and aromas; regenerative agricultural production systems (crops, aquaculture, livestock); indoor growing; appropriate technology for smallholders; and transparent and sustainable supply chains.