The TFF Challenge®️ is the world’s largest agri-foodtech innovation challenge that discovers and boosts Millennial and GenZs globally. To date, we have helped launch 50+ startups that collectively raised $100M+ and accelerated 4K+ new deep-tech ventures.

2019/20 TFF Challenge®️

Meet the 2019/20 teams

The 2019/20 record-breaking TFF Challenge®️ included more than 5200 participants from 175 countries, demonstrating the commitment of the next generations towards purpose-driven, impact-focused innovation and entrepreneurship.

Led by top entrepreneurs hailing from Bangladesh, Canada, Cameroon, Colombia, Brazil, Denmark,  France, India, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and Venezuela, the teams are as diverse as the solutions they have developed.

2019/20 TFF Challenge®️ Finalist Teams:

2019/20 TFF Challenge®️ Boost Teams:

Read more about each team in the press release here.
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2019/20 TFF Challenge®️

What's next

The 10 TFF Challenge Finalist Teams will now take part in the TFF Academy, an intensive virtual and in-person startup acceleration program, where they will receive mentorship and training from experts to further develop their concepts by gathering customer feedback, building their organizational structures and sharpening their business models.

2019/20 TFF Challenge®️

Topical Prize Winners

We partnered with the Food Lab Accelerator at Google (FLAG), reNature Foundation and Beta.Space to offer special prizes in circular economy, agroforestry and space colonization (respectively). The winners of these topical prizes will be announced in the coming days. Stay tuned!

The TFF™ x Food Lab Accelerator at Google (FLAG) “Circular Economy of Food Challenge”

  • Winner: Feitosa Foodtech (Brazil)
  • Special Mentions: Kua Coffee (Australia), Tiger House (Ghana)

Read more about the teams here.

The TFF™ x reNature Foundation “Regenerative Agroforestry Challenge”

  • Winner: Meli Amazonian Bees Network (Brazil)
  • Special Mention: FarmAgg (Sri Lanka)

Read more about the teams here.

The TFF™ x Beta.Space “Colonizing Space Challenge”

  • Winner: GrowCab (UK/ Global)
  • Special Mention: Alterratech (Australia), Re Rustica Spatium (India)

Read more about the teams here.

TFF Challenge®️


The TFF Challenge®️ calls on the world’s most creative next-gen innovators to step up and develop the bold ideas and impact-focused startups that we urgently need. Participants gain access to the TFF Digital Labs™, an all-new digital acceleration and collaboration tool for food and agriculture innovators.

Develop locally-relevant solutions that address a wide range of pressing challenges across all parts of the food value chain—from production to distribution through to consumption and waste.

We are looking for cutting-edge innovations that leverage science and technology breakthroughs in AI, blockchain and biotechnology, and which utilise inclusive business models such as circularity, open data, and sharing economy. Areas of particular interest include nutritious foods; novel flavours and aromas; regenerative agricultural production systems (crops, aquaculture, livestock); indoor growing; appropriate technology for smallholders; and transparent and sustainable supply chains.

TFF Challenge®️


Access to the TFF Digital Labs™

A first-of-its-kind digital accelerator and collaboration platform optimized for next-gen innovators in food and agriculture.

Bespoke innovation roadmap

Based on your team’s needs and interests.

World-class mentoring

Pick the mentor who can best support you over the 12 weeks.

Chance to win travel and funding

The best projects will be selected to continue the journey with us at the TFF Academy™ and TFF Summit™.

A global community

Benefit from our 20K+ strong global TFF Community™ of next-gen innovators, thought leaders and industry experts.

TFF Challenge®️

Judging Criteria


TFF commits to being on the cusp of new idea generation. Leverage cutting-edge technologies and business models to create a project that is fresh and exciting, in a way that has never been seen before.

Implementation & Scalability

Food security solutions require short, medium, and long-term goals that shouldn’t end when our competition is over. The project should be implementable, with scalability potential that puts sustainability first.


The project should stand out among the wide-array of proposals we see, providing game-changing solutions and embodying a “wow” factor in terms of presentation, so that it gets noticed in a noisy world of innovation and startups.

Collaborative Spirit

Entrepreneurship is a team effort. Being an innovator and an entrepreneur is one of the most exciting and rewarding things one can do. However, it is also a long and demanding journey. The team needs to demonstrate that it is able to withstand these challenges and deliver a solution that will make a real difference.


The world of business is built around value capture and the competitive race for big investments. We want to create an innovation culture that dismantles the current “winner takes all” mentality and focuses on broader sharing of the benefits to tackle environmental and social challenges in profound ways. Submitted ideas should be a positive force for good that help tackle food systems and climate change challenges.

Multispectral Thinking

The global challenges we face are extremely complex and involve lots of nuance. We are looking for teams that embrace the complexity and learn to better understand the intertwinement of systems. By adopting a multispectral mindset, we can unleash more creativity and innovation into the world and create a wider array of possible solutions than we ever thought possible.