Following the recent announcement of our new TFF Southeast Asia CEO Melissa Ong, we’re excited to welcome on board Christina Ong (who is not related to Melissa) as the new TFF Regional Coordinator for Southeast Asia.

Christina joins our team of 13 Regional Coordinators (RCs), who serve as TFF’s next-gen leadership team. RCs advise on and help to execute TFF’s programs, build strategic partnerships, and lead teams of TFF Ambassadors. In this role, Christina will work closely with Melissa to drive forward TFF’s mission to unlock the potential of the region’s young people to lead a sustainable food and agricultural revolution. 

Christina was recently selected as a Fellow in the Future of Food & Agriculture track in Young Sustainable Impact Southeast Asia (YSI SEA) 2020, where she supported farm-to-food Malaysian social enterprise Phytopia to grow through the global pandemic, as well as served as a co-curator of the Supply Chain curriculum for the sustainability program. She also co-founded soomson community in Vientiane, Laos and the YOUnified Network of Talents (YNOT), which is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Christina is a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), a U.S. Department of State scholar, and was an Academic Fellow for Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development at Brown University. 

Eternally in love with Asian food, she is inspired to ensure the sustainability of Southeast Asian, Japanese and Korean food systems – so that the world can relish the local flavours, nourishment and heritage recipes of the region.

From developing influencer audiences, to promoting the attractiveness of the food and agricultural sector for youths; from strengthening food security through innovation, to supporting the TFF Ambassador community to define what the new normal means for food systems —Christina is excited for the opportunities ahead.

TFF Southeast Asia Regional Hub

We are launching the first TFF Regional Hub in Southeast Asia to catalyze the region to become a frontrunner in sustainable food and agriculture. Learn how you can get involved.