The TFF Community™ is our growing network of more than 30K+ brilliant and passionate young leaders from 175+ countries.

They have taught us the power of next-generation innovation, which we believe can solve our world’s most complex challenges, starting with feeding and nourishing 10bn people by 2050.

Thought For Food

Regional Coordinators

The all-star TFF Regional Coordinators drive forward our mission to create a more resilient and inclusive food system by 2050. On a 3-year term, they develop strategic partnerships and manage their cohort of passionate TFF Ambassadors. The Regional Coordinators play a key role in ensuring our TFF global next-gen movement becomes a critical force for impactful transformation in the food and agriculture space.

Together, the Regional Coordinators form a diverse group of talented entrepreneurs, researchers, consultants, engineers, farmers and academics leading TFF’s work in their respective regions: North America, the Caribbean, Central & Latin America, Brazil, Europe, Asia & Middle East, East/ South & Central/ North & West Africa, and Oceania.

Thought For Food


The TFF Ambassadors are one of the most committed, passionate and engaged groups of volunteers worldwide. Launched in 2016, the TFF Ambassador Program has created uncountable connections and experiences for young changemakers and has taken the TFF movement to new heights by spreading our mission on a local level around the world.

With the TFF Ambassadors, we have boots on the ground which allows us to spark change, build a strong community and attract the most innovative projects globally to join the TFF Challenge.

Now, let us introduce our global TFF Community to you…

Selfie of six people, standing outside.
Four TFF Amabassadors, sitting outside.

Learn with us

Dive into the TFF Digital Labs: our breakthrough approach to global learning, startup acceleration, and collaboration that improves the speed and impact of beneficial innovation across the entire food and agriculture value chain. Check it out!