The TFF Community is our growing network of more than 20,000 brilliant and passionate young leaders from over 175 countries. They have taught us the power of next-generation innovation, which we believe can solve our world’s most complex challenges, starting with feeding and nourishing 10 billion people by 2050. Let us introduce our global TFF Community to you!

Regional Coordinators

The all-star TFF Regional Coordinators drive forward our overall mission to create a sustainable and inclusive food system by 2050. On a 3-year term, they are executing and advising on our overall strategy and program, developing strategic partnerships, and managing a cohort of regional TFF Ambassadors. The Regional Coordinators play a key role in ensuring our TFF global movement of next-generation innovators becomes a critical force for positive change in the food and agriculture industry.

Together, the Regional Coordinators form a diverse group of talented entrepreneurs, researchers, consultants, engineers, farmers and academics leading TFF’s work in seven regions of the world: North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.


We work with an extremely committed and engaged volunteer team of 400 TFF Ambassadors hailing from 200 cities in 65 countries across 7 world regions. In their role, they are tasked to spread our mission for more sustainable, inclusive and resilient global food systems by running activities in their local communities with the support of their TFF Regional Coordinator.

With the TFF Ambassadors, we have boots on the ground which allows us to spark change, build a strong community and attract the most innovative projects globally to join the TFF Challenge.

Selfie of six people, standing outside.
Four TFF Amabassadors, sitting outside.

Past finalists

Since 2014, we have helped young innovators around the world to develop locally-relevant solutions that address a wide-range of pressing food and agriculture challenges across all parts of the food chain—from production to distribution through to consumption and waste. Up until today, our call has supported the creation and acceleration of over 50 impact-oriented food and ag startups. Click the button below for an overview of the startups who made it to the TFF Challenge Finals.