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  • Christine Gould

    Founder & CEO

    Christine has dedicated her career to making ag innovation more open and collaborative. She created Thought For Food to inspire young people to get involved in developing the solutions their future depends on. Christine holds an MPA in Science & Technology Policy from Columbia University. She sits on the Board of Young Professionals in Ag Development and is a Founding Member of the Ashoka Changemakers League of Intrapreneurs.

  • Jana Stolz

    Communications & Projects

    Jana's passion is for projects that build a meaningful, sustainable and impactful future. Her background is in communications, brand and project management with experience across agencies and startups. TFF is a real heart project for her, because it gives her the opportunity to bring purpose to the world and covers her passion for food and nutrition. Jana studied Multilingual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany.

  • Chelcie Vallely

    Operations & Strategy

    With several years experience and experimentation across startups, non profits and creatives agencies - leveraging innovation for social impact is now my main focus. Applying my experience and passion for action to Thought For Foods audacious mission and having a lot of fun along the way.

  • Annora Mack

    Digital and Community Lead

    Annora grew up in the US and Switzerland and has been connected to the food and agriculture corporate industry throughout her whole life. With an educational background in Health Science and Fine Arts, she brings the multispectral mindset, creative thinking and field knowledge which we consider core attributes to our team. Annora leads TFF’s social media channels and work hand-in-hand with our global community.

  • José Silva


    José is an emerging visual designer and strategist with a few years’ freelancing experience. Driven by a restless spirit and endless curiosity, I assure you I won't leave the wildest idea unexplored! From visuals for upcoming startups to full rebrands for NGOs, I love working with energetic, defiant companies who break the rules and laugh in the face of convention – the risk takers! Let's reinvent the future together?

  • Shen Ming Lee

    Digital Labs Associate

    Shen, who hails from Malaysia and is based in New York City, helps build out the TFF Digital Labs partner ecosystem, especially in the US and ASEAN regions. Shen has already released her first book Hungry For Disruption: How Tech Innovations Will Nourish 10 Billion By 2050. She has spoken at global food and agriculture conferences and corporate events and is a member of the US Chapter of the Keynote Women Speakers Directory.

  • San Wen Ngei

    Malaysia Partnerships Lead

    San Wen holds a Degree in Law with Social Sciences from the University of Warwick and was part of a 2018 TFF Challenge Finalist Team. She is now based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is applying her interpersonal and leadership skills to help build a strong regional network of partners in preparation for the TFF Academy and TFF Summit in March 2020.

  • Caroline Steiblin

    Corporate Program Manager

    Caroline combines her analytical skillset and passion for research to create tangible impact in corporate development for TFF. Using her background managing and supporting data-driven and cross-departmental projects, and 5+ years of corporate experience, she is streamlining TFF’s food and agriculture innovation. Based in Switzerland, Caroline connects the TFF Community with tools to collaborate with major local and international partners.