There are certain topics which are dominating the headlines in the food and agriculture media. We read about these headliners nonstop, consume the news about the pioneer companies and the latest investment deals. But does what we are reading really paint the right picture of these trends?

We are kicking off a new format, called the TFF Topical Weeks, to dedicate a week to a trending topic to get past the hype and high-level messages that dominate headlines and webinars. We will talk to innovative startups and visionaries globally and deep dive into the technologies shaping the food space—through the lens of next-gen innovators on the ground all around the world.

The Topical Weeks will encourage you to co-create new insights and research, be inspired, and share lessons, ideas, and opportunities with fellow burgeoning entrepreneurs. The next-gens united we are, we might bring colour to black and white thinking and gain multispectral perspectives on the topics which will be essential for the future of our food systems and are worth looking at more in-depth.



The first Topical Week is dedicated to Alternative Proteins and will kick off next Monday. We will talk about: Cellular agriculture, plant-based proteins, meat production and consumption, consumer demand and behaviour change, label censorship, fermentation, and much more.

Here’s the schedule and how you can participate (We will update this blog with more links. Make sure to check back in on the kick-off day):



+ Live session summary reports with key discussion points 


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  • 🍄 DIY Oyster Mushroom Farm by Mahlet from Ethiopia (Instagram)
  • 🍲 Soy Tempeh Fermentation Journey by Ariana from Indonesia (Instagram)
  • 🎨 Alt Protein sticker art ft. Jainam (India), Nikki (Trinidad and Tobago) and Jazel (Philippines) (Instagram)
  • 🚀 Pioneering Plant-based Meat in Brazil with Fazenda Futuro and Bea (Instagram Live)
  • 😆 Fun facts by Sami from Pakistan (Twitter)
  • 🔬Future Proteins and Scenarios of Sustainable Production and Commercialization by Diana from Ecuador (blog)
  • 🌎 The Need for Alternative Proteins in Southeast Asia by Joshua from Philippines (blog)
  • 📎 Summary Reports by Vladyslava (Ukraine) and Janice (Jamaica)



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