TFF is the world’s next generation innovation engine for food and agriculture. We support amazing young talents and launch their breakthrough ideas into the world.

We’re excited to announce that we partnering with a selection of close TFF friends and startups to activate the TFF Community. We want to show the world that over the years, we have cracked the formula to engage young people with our culture and have grown a supportive global community like no other who joins us on a shared mission to feed 10 billion people by 2050.

In this series of posts, we are going to tell the stories of some of the people and startups that have started their changemaking journeys at TFF. We call on you to help support the work we do by donating a small amount to our crowdfunding campaign. Fifty percent of all donations made will go directly to our featured partner’s work to feed the world.

Introducing reNature Foundation, TFF’s Agroforestry Experts

This week, we started off with the first partner reNature Foundation, a Dutch organization promoting the use of sustainable agriculture practices, called Agroforestry systems. It is reNature’s goal to regenerate 1 million hectares of degraded land worldwide by 2030.

The two Founders at reNature Felipe Villela, former TFF Ambassador, and Marco de Boer, who is also Founder and Creative Director at Bohemia Amsterdam, met at the 2017 TFF Summit in Amsterdam. During the event, they discovered their mutual passion to help people learn and grow. Their story is a very special one, which shows how TFF opens a space to gather people from different backgrounds, industries and creates opportunities to connect that allows outside-the-box thinking and new innovative business approaches (this is what we call multispectral thinking by the way).

“I’ve been involved with TFF for three years now, and have always been given great opportunities – especially the one two years ago where I met my Co-founder Marco. I really appreciate all the connections and knowledge I’ve been given through TFF.” – Felipe Villela, Co-founder at reNature

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What opportunities have you been given?

Felipe met his Co-founder Marco at TFF - did you also benefit from TFF? This is your chance to give back and show that you are part of our movement.

Teaching Agroforestry at the 2018 TFF Academy in Rio

Last year, at the 2018 TFF Academy in Rio de Janeiro the reNature Foundation team led a Capstone Project for a selected group of TFF Academy participants. Next to theoretical expertise, the week-long project included a field trip to Sinal do Vale – a permaculture education center in the outskirts of Rio – and hands-on agroforestry planting, composting methods and vertical farming at L.U.P.A. for a small group of TFF Academy participants. We’re looking forward to the next immersive project together with reNature!

Looking at what the future holds, we are excited to watch reNature’s work unfold on a global level sharing their mission of a sustainable agriculture practice. As Felipe says, “together with TFF we’re building an international community for global food security.” Watch Felipe’s full video message above.

Do you want to support reNature and TFF? Until the end of this week, you can support both organizations with one single donation to our crowdfunding campaign to help validate our mission to empower a new generation of solution-builders!