The crowd stirs, restless.
All whispers and camera clicks. Mic in hand,
You step, right foot and then the left –
On to the stage.

Years have built to this moment.
Dreams. Passions. Outrage too.
For a system that needs solving,
A problem that needs you.

Amid a swell of anticipation.
Under these bright lights.
It’s finally time to share… 

This World Food Day, get ready to be dazzled by next-gen-led ventures from every corner of the planet, representing a new wave of sustainable solutions for aquaculture, animal health, crop production, supply chain, and plant-based nutrition.

Since January, the startups have been working in the TFF Academy, refining their business models with industry experts like Bandhana Katoch, Bret Waters, Clement Loury, and leading corporate partners – including from KWS, Blendhub, and Wikifactory – while also practising their pitches with international pitch coach Beth Susanne and storytelling coach Holley M. Kholi-Murchison

Now, they are ready to take the global stage to present their solutions to the world—and we couldn’t be more excited. Join us LIVE this World Food Day (October 16th) and you will meet (in alphabetical order) : 

Aglonera (🇮🇩 Indonesia)

Bulk buying platform for street food vendors to save them valuable time, increase their revenue and help them source high-quality produce directly from local farmers.

PFMS (🇨🇲 Cameroon)

AI-powered mobile application that helps poultry farmers to instantly detect diseases, connect with veterinarians to diagnose and treat animal illness, and help predict disease outbreaks.

Banoo (🇮🇩 Indonesia)

Hardware solution for smallholder aquaculture, integrating a microbubble generator, IoT sensor and solar panel to increase the oxygen levels in fish ponds, increasing yields and revenues, while reducing environmentally-damaging water waste.

BumbleChain (🇨🇦 Canada)

Blockchain-based, plug-and-play supply-chain verification system to help prevent fraud, increase transparency, and improve economic opportunities for sustainable honey producers. 

CBA Sementes (🇧🇷 Brazil)

Automated aeroponic system to produce high-quality, disease-free potato seeds, while also reducing overall production time, costs and inputs.

microTERRA (🇲🇽 Mexico)

Alternative protein for feed and human consumption grown in aquafarms, reducing waste water output and fresh water input for farms and allowing the uptake of more sustainable aquaculture methods.

Neurafarm (🇮🇩 Indonesia)

AI-powered crop diagnostic tool to provide early detection and treatment recommendations for diseases and pests, targeting smallholder farmers.

SyntheSea (🇲🇾 🌎 Malaysia/Global)

Sustainable, cost-effective, scalable solution for producing omega-3 for fish feed, from plant oil precursors.

WTH Foods (🇵🇭 Philippines)

Plant-based, nutritious and delicious food products made from valorized bumper crops sourced directly from local growers, processed to minimize waste and have a long shelf-life.

Xilinat (🇲🇽 Mexico)

Biotechnology-based process to create xylitol, a natural sugar substitute that can be used to combat diabetes and obesity, by using agricultural waste sourced from local farmers.

A way to change the world.
A way to build a future you want to live in,
A way to solve: food.

Thought For Food.
The 2020 Challenge Finale Happens This October.

Feel the Anticipation...

... and join the global telecast of Thought For Food: The 2020 Challenge Finale. Live this World Food Day, October 16th at 4 PM CEST.