At Thought For Food, key attitudes like beginner’s mindset, openness and collaboration are what drive us. We pride ourselves on working with students and volunteers that are young leaders in food and agriculture, and who also embody those values. For the 2018 year, we have hand-selected a group of 25 go-getters to take TFF’s mission to the next level, through our one-of-a-kind Next Generation Council.

The Next Gen Council is brand new to Thought For Food and has been in the making for some time. Many of our 25 council members are former Thought For Food Ambassadors and hail from 20 countries around the world. Hand-picked by the TFF team, they will lead their own regional team of TFF Ambassadors for the 2018 challenge. As leaders in their region, they will work to engage Ambassadors and inspire young innovators through various activities during the year. They will be working with TFF on programming and spreading TFF’s mission in local networks, as well as providing feedback to our team, so that we can continue to be a leader in the food and ag space and provide the best available resources to those in our community.

Next Gen Council member, Cuthbert Mukora, leading a workshop in Zimbabwe!

In addition to the Next Gen Council, we are super proud to announce that the 2018 Ambassador team includes 273 members! Spread across 74 countries, they make up one of the most talented groups we’ve ever encountered. They’ll use their enthusiasm to share our story and will often be the first point of contact for new challenge participants and community members.

Our cohort of Ambassadors are available to their local communities to provide trainings and help upskill participants to tackle global hunger while also embodying and sharing TFF’s values and key attitudes. Beyond that, they partner with local universities to help lead workshops and talk about the TFF Challenge, attend conferences and represent youth in food and agriculture. But perhaps most importantly, our TFF Ambassadors want to help inspire you and your peers to believe that you, too, can make a difference in the global Challenge of feeding 9+billion people by 2050.

A potluck held by the 2017 TFF Ambassadors in Indonesia.

Interested in learning more about the Ambassador program and Next Generation Council? Email to get in touch with your regional Ambassador. Can’t wait to sign up for the 2018 TFF Challenge? Sign up for our newsletter and receive word once registration opens on 15 January 2018.

The TFF Team