Thought For Food inspires with #music to energize the next generation of agri-food-tech innovators.

World Music Day is celebrated every June 21st with celebrations in over 1000 cities globally. This year’s theme is “Music on the Intersections“ – highlighting the key role that music plays in nurturing interpersonal connection, growth, and healing.

Music has been an integral part of the Thought For Food culture and ethos since day one. Besides food, music is what unites our community! It inspires us to keep dreaming and dancing to our own rhythm while we are hard at work solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Music isn’t just our pastime, it is our passion. Our TFF Summit trademark raves energize and connect us, our partnerships with leading electronic music artists are barrier-breaking, and our change-making vibes are always elevated by the anthems we play and the collaborations we bring to life – e.g. with Vintage & Morelli, Volta.xr, Goldfish, Elevven, and Monstercat.

Our  partnership with the leading electronic music label Monstercat is the first of its kind for the agri-food-tech sector, and underscores our core belief that music drives change. Our Earth Day livestream with the music label was connected us with new audiences – and we’re proud to have Dan Scarcelli of Monstercat on our Advisory Board, helping us align on how creatives can be part of the solutions we need to fix the planet. 

We truly believe that music has the power to drive change and unite us around our common goals. Our Founder and CEO even gave a TEDxThought For Food on what electronic music can teach us about how to feed the world!

Thought For Food

Playlists to fuel growth, connection, healing

Music intersected with many different areas of our lives during the pandemic, and was a trusted friend to many experiencing the isolation and unease of the crisis as a way to combat loneliness and separation. Our pandemic playlists provided a much-needed sense of belonging at a time when it was so desperately needed. Listening to music and dancing were exactly the type of activities we needed to awaken our brain waves, soothe our anxieties, improve our moods, and create greater self-awareness and personal expression. 

Click below to hear our TFF Playlist – and let us know if there is anything to add!

Check out our TFF Playlist

A music-infused future for Thought for Food

As concerts resume and summer festivals fire up, the world is welcoming live music back as a form of therapeutic release, and finding a greater sense of community and identity amongst the crowd.

Which is why Thought For Food is doubling down this year on our intersection with music and culture by launching our new Generation Fest event series.

We piloted the concept earlier this year in the desert of the Middle East, where we organized a small retreat for a curated group of TFF’s innovators and leaders working to change the future of food. Check out this promo video for what happened!

And next, we’re headed to Brooklyn on September 30th for the global TFF Summit, which will integrate the expanded Generation Fest event concept. 

Generation Fest is about bringing together some of the world’s most visionary and cutting-edge innovators from the interconnected realms of entrepreneurship, science, technology, design, and creativity for a highly-experiential program focused on co-creating a more inclusive and abundant food future for all. Of course, in true TFF spirit, music artists will take center stage during the program to fire-up the crowd and our collective energies toward the same goals.

Stay tuned here for more information about Generation Fest. In the meantime, today, and every day, take a moment to think about music and what it means to you. Listen to your favorite song. Send a playlist to someone you love. Dance. And let this inspire and fuel the change you want to make. 🎵🎤🎹