Dear TFFers, Happy Earth Day! 🌎

It’s no secret our food systems take a toll on our planet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t change how food production, consumption, and other steps along the food value chain work.

That’s why the TFF Community is proudly hosting a global future food festival to commemorate Earth Day everyday, and the launch of the 2021 TFF Challenge.

Join the TFF BrainRave: everywhere in the world.

Take part in 60+ activities in every region of the world. Explore the rich diversity of our planet’s food systems, learn about amazing solutions that are making a difference, and get involved in shaping a better future.

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📆 View the full lineup & pick the activities you are interested in

Take a closer look at the lineup per region below:



Don’t miss out! 

🌎 11 x Regional Food Systems & Innovation Landscape Overviews
Canada, USA, Caribbean, Brazil, South America, Europe, East Africa, West Africa, Southeast Asia, Asia, Oceania

🧠 11 x Ideation Workshops
Find a solution for a local  challenge and have a go at creating a startup! During these interactive 2-hour workshops, you’ll meet others from your region and tackle the question: “How can we feed 10 billion people on a hotter planet?” Then you can enter your solution into the TFF Challenge where you can gain partners, prizes and other perks! 

🍳 Local Live Cooking Workshops, including:
Jollof Rice (Nigeria), Plant-Based Zero-Waste (Europe), Local Island Produce (Jamaica), Peanut Butter Sauce (Sierra Leone)

👯‍♀️ Cultural & Community Activities, including:
Tree planting in Zimbabwe, Afro Dance & Poetry Slam, and more!

🛠 Skill-Building Classes, including:
Communications for Social Change (Australia), Data in Agriculture (Brazil), Circular Economy of Food (South America), Innovation Potential (Israel)

🎧 Monstercat Silk Sessions x Thought For Food Brunch hosted by DJs ELEVVEN:
Listen to deep house music and explore some of the coolest TFF Community food innovations – featured live on stream.

🎤 Back to the Wild “Earth Day Special” – Monstercat podcast ft. TFF Founder Christine Gould:
Listen here.

🕺🏼🌎💥🤩🎧💬🍳🧠🚀😎💜 Join our TFF BrainRave Earth Day celebrations