Thought For Food (TFF) is thrilled to announce its new collaboration with MycoStories, an organization dedicated to advancing the exploration and application of mushrooms for sustainable solutions to global challenges.

Together, we are launching a global “Community of Practice” centered around fungi innovation for food, agriculture, materials, and more. By connecting a diverse range of individuals and organizations all over the world, we can unlock the immense potential of fungi and accelerate its positive impact across various sectors.

The partnership between Thought For Food and MycoStories aims to create an open and inclusive platform where practitioners, enthusiasts, researchers, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are passionate about fungi innovation can come together to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas. The initiative will kick off on Discord, a popular online communication platform, serving as the primary hub for the global community to unite and grow together.

Inspired by the way mycelium connects and communicates, this dynamic platform will enable members to engage in open discussions, share news, updates, breakthroughs, and opportunities related to the diverse applications of fungi. By facilitating connections and fostering collaboration, the TFF x MycoStories Fungi Innovation Community of Practice aspires to accelerate innovation and collaboration in this promising field, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable, bio-based world.

Fungi hold immense potential for sustainable agriculture, alternative protein sources, environmental remediation, packaging materials, natural pigments, and so much more. Through this collaboration, Thought For Food and MycoStories aim to harness the power of collective intelligence and provide a space for mushroom enthusiasts to collaborate, learn, and make a meaningful impact.

“The open-sharing community on Discord is just the beginning – as the community grows, we will bring to life virtual events, webinars, expert panels, and knowledge-sharing resources to further support our members.”

To join the Community of Practice and be a part of this exciting journey, visit and follow Thought For Food and MycoStories on social media for the latest updates.

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About Thought For Food:

Thought For Food (TFF) is a global platform dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders to solve food and agricultural challenges. TFF’s mission is to unlock the potential of young innovators by providing them with training, mentorship, and a supportive ecosystem to develop and scale their ideas.

About MycoStories:

MycoStories is an organization focused on exploring and promoting the applications of fungi for sustainable solutions. Through research, education, and collaboration, MycoStories aims to harness the transformative power of mushrooms to create a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy.