We are thrilled to share our annual TFF Holiday Gift Guide for 2022. 🎁

These impact-focused products are made with the passion, love, and hard work of our TFF entrepreneurs and partners all over the world. They will make thoughtful and unique gifts for anyone who believes in sustainable food, in innovation with purpose, and in making positive changes for our #climate and #planet.

From upcycled snacks to DIY farming kits, from technified foods to customized sustainable cocktails, from thought-provoking books to energizing playlists, we have specially curated this list to inspire and delight you and your loved ones.

*Please note the country availability for the products. Another easy option is to consider making a donation to the Thought For Food Foundation to support our philanthropic mission of supporting millions of next-generation entrepreneurs around the world to shape and lead the food revolution we urgently need. Any amount makes a big difference to us, and is directly invested into our programs in support of our treasured TFF Community.

Many thanks for your support of better food systems – and from all of us at TFF HQ: WISHING YOU THE HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS!

Ultimate TFF Gift Bundle 🎁

  • 👛Tax-deductible donation to the TFF Foundation: a 501c3 non-profit on a mission to transform food systems through next-generation entrepreneurship.
  • 📺 2022 “Uproot the Status Quo” Digital Playlist: featuring a mind-expanding grouping of 2022’s best expert-led live sessions, GenerationFest MainStage Talks, Community-developed “Earth Month” videos, Mini-Documentaries about agri-food-tech solutions around the world, TFF Happy Hour Playlists, Generation Destination Desert DJ set, and more…
  • 👕GenerationFest Limited-Edition T-shirt: an upcycled vintage tee featuring our custom-made TFF Mushroom DJ illustration
  • 📕Ghetto Gastro’s “Black Power Kitchen” Cookbook: hard copy
  • 📚Christine’s book, “Change-maker’s Guide to Feeding the Planet”: hard copy, signed

$1000 – Order by making a donation here

Grow-it-Yourself 🌱

🪴 Urban farming kit by Hexagro (Italy / Colombia)

🌱 Your personal vertical farm by Agrilution (Germany)

👩‍⚕️ Dr. Tania farming assistant app by Neurafarm (Indonesia)

🪱 Organic Vermicompost by Dooda Solutions (Lebanon)

🌿 Model Your Own Urban Farm with Agritecture Designer from Agritecture

Mush-Love 🍄

👨‍🌾 Grow It Yourself (GIY) Mushroom! by Ecovative (USA)

🦪 Grow your own oyster mushrooms by GroCycle (UK)

🛒 Mushshop by Smallhold (USA)

🥓 Delicious mushroom bacon from MyBacon (USA)

Getting Juicy 🍹

🍉 Cleanse Your Body with Kasa Greens Juices (Nigeria)

🍊 Community-powered fresh juice from Born Juice (USA)

🥕Health-fuel with @PetrlFuel and @ThuggJuice (USA)

🌾Farmer-centric smoothies from Rambler (TH) 

Sustainable Foods 🥦

🌽 Connect Popcorn Grown with No Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizer by Pivot (USA)

🪨 Regenerative honey and cocoa grown though biochar with Humica (MX)

🍚 Eat Paddi Impact Rice by Rice Inc. (UK)

🍬 Perfectly Imperfect Veggie and Fruity Treats from Climate Candy (USA)

🎂 Healthy, nutritious sweetener made from crop residues by Xilinat / Creative Food Labs (MX)

Plant-based, Planet-friendly

🥜 Bambara Ground Nut Noodles and Milk from WhatIF Foods (SEA / USA)

🍛 Frozen Plant-based Filipino Meals from WTH Foods (PH)

☕️ Vegan creamer sticks, powdered oat latte mix, powdered oat cocoa mix (works in all vending machines) from Natulatte (NL)

🍝 Tasty Pasta from Chickpeas by Banza (USA)

🥞 Plant-based burger, pancake, waffles baking mixes leveraging diverse crops from The Live Green Co. (CL/Global) 


Green Up!

🥗 Salad Kit from Bowery Farming (USA)

😋 Salad Dips from Gotham Greens (USA)

🥬 Microgreens from AeroFarms (USA)

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Nourish Your Mind

🌱 TFF LATAM “Seed Bank” Playlist | FREE

💜 Earth Day Poem by Peter Bickerton | FREE

🦸🏿‍♂️ Agriman Adventure Comic Book by WHYFarm 

👩 The Future of Food Is Female Book by @Jennifer Stojkovic and featuring TFF Finalist @The Live Green Co | $8 USD

🧠 Hungry for Disruption Book by Shen Ming Lee | $13.99

📖 IndigoAg Carbon Farming Module on TFF Digital Labs | FREE

🎧 New Food Order Podcast by Food&Tech Connect and AgFunder | FREE

Get Your Glow On 💄

💚 Bio-designed vegan skincare from Geltor (Global)

🌱 Microalgae-powered face creams from Algenist (Global)

🌀 Gene-edited, natural spirulina-based pigments to replace petrochemicals for food, face, and all things creative from Spira (USA)

Cheers to a New Year with these Innovative TFF Cocktails 🍸

💙 TFF’s “Blue Brooklyn” (served at #GenerationFest2022 in Brooklyn)

🌶 Crissy Spice’s “Born This Spicy” (served at #GenerationFest2022 in Brooklyn)