It’s that wonderful time of the year! 🎁

We proudly present: our TFF Holiday Gift Guide for 2023. These impact-focused products have been specially-curated for you, the discerning change-maker. Each of the items on this list has been made with love, hard work, and bold visions for a better world. All by our global TFF Community of passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives.

These unique and thoughtful gifts aim to feed your mind, nourish your body, and rejuvenate your soul. They perfect for anyone who believes in the future of sustainable food, and in making positive changes for our #climate and #planet.

Support next-gen innovation by picking your favorite gifts for your loved ones now! ♥️

Feed your Mind 🧠

🎥 “Seeds of a New Cycle” movie by Melli Bees

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of the Amazon to attend an indigenous-led Agroforestry Workshop at Zutiwa village, hosted in the Araribóia Territory by the Guajajara people. 🌳 This collaborative effort invited traditional communities (Terena, Suruí Aikewara, and Krahô) and campesinos to learn, grow, and sow the seeds of knowledge together. Immerse yourself in the beauty of collective action and shared, while celebrating the resilience of indigenous wisdom.

👀 TEDxThoughtForFood Talks & Generation Food Movie

TED x Thought For Food‘s Countdown event and Generation Food stand to inspire, educate and ignite change.💥 These TEDx talks and 1-hour film showcase a rich variety of innovative climatesolutions and game-changing ideas to help us all reimagine the future possibilities of food and agriculture. This bundle makes perfect gift for someone whose mind you want expand.

🧫 Ode to Earth Art Collectibles by Iyvone Khoo

Iyvone is an eco-artist who works with “bioluminescence, mycelium, and trash” to highlight the global climate situation. Khoo collaborates with scientists and activists around the world, weaving Art, Science, and Environmental Activism in her works. In addition to these iconic prints, you can also support her project fund for “RAIN GOD Journey to Burning Man‘ which has a range of captivating art pieces available as perks.

Note: You may remember we worked with Iyvone and Miguel Guzman to showcase their “A Thousand Eyes and a Thousand Dreams” trilobite-inspired throne piece in our Full Sensory Soil Immersion at GenerationFest. The piece was made with Ecovative’s GIY mycelium kit 🍄 – photo here).

📚 Food Systems #ChangeMaker Book Bundle:

Our Founder and CEO’s much-anticipated book The Change-maker’s Guide to Feeding the Planet will be released on December 15th, just in time for holiday reading. This book is written to inspire and motivate you to be part of creating and leading change that can positively impact you, your community, and the planet. By sharing practical and tested tools, insights, and methodologies, The Change-maker’s Guide provides a blueprint for action that will put you on the path to making a global impact- regardless of your age, location, or position in life. It’s the perfect complement to TFF Core Team Member and Board Advisor Shen Ming Lee’s Amazon Bestseller Hungry for Disruption, which provides a comprehensive overview of  the current and upcoming innovations in food and farming technology. Grab them both today! 

Nourishing Self Care 💜

🧴 Scent Surrection Set by We Are Future Society

Talk about out-of-the-box! Spark wonder and awe with everyone you meet by wearing or gifting this set of perfumes that are made with the scents of extinct flowers that given new life through the power of biotechnology. 🤯

💆🏻‍♀️ Fungi Extracts Face Oil available from Normal Phenomena of Life (NPOL)

NPOL is a new “biophilic brand concept” by Faber Futures (their Founder Nastai is one of TFF’s Board Advisors) and Gingko Bioworks. It is the first biodesign-native lifestyle brand that aims to change how we produce and consume. We’re featuring the the Fungi Face Oil by Herbar, which is packed with fungi extracts that adapt to your unique imbalances to train and strengthen skin against everyday stresses. Indulge in self care powered by the magic of mushrooms! 🍄 And don’t forget to check out NPOL’s full online shop along with many other cool products, including artistic fashion pieces colored naturally with microorganisms instead of synthetic dyes!

🛏 “Pillow” Relaxation VR Game App by Lucas Rizzotto

Lucas Rizotto has been a long-time friend of TFF since we first met him at an open data hackathon for food and nutrition almost 10 years ago. He is an award-winning AR/VR designer, TED global speaker, TFF Summit speaker, time machine builder, and all around extraordinary human. His just-released product  allows you to play VR/mixed reality games while laying down. We all know that play is critical for the creative process – and his is the first app in the world that lets two people share a bed and a game together virtually, making it perfect not only for people who want to relax in bed on their own, but also for long distance couples.

Wear It Consciously 💪

👟 CleanCloud Running Gear made from Carbon Emissions by ON in partnership with LanzaTech

Sprint to get your hands on Swiss sports brand On’s CleanCloud™ line of T-shirts, tanks, and shorts. These are made in part from carbon emissions instead of fossil fuels. ON partnered with LanzaTech, a biotech company that uses genetically-engineered bacteria to transform carbon emissions into chemicals. The company captures gas from a steel mill in China and then feeds it to microbes inside bioreactors. The process—similar to brewing beer—creates byproducts that can be made into ethanol that then can be turned into polyester. Shoes will be coming soon too! 🏃🏽‍♀️

👜 Bio-fabricated Bags & Keychains by Senreve in collaboration with Modern Meadow

Innovative luxury for the sustainability minded! 💚 Check out these gorgeous bags made with “Vegan Terra Leather,” crafted in Italy using BioFabbrica produced by the our friends at Modern Meadow (you may remember that they generously donated the biofabricated leather that adorned our stage at GenerationFest. Check out more here). These bags are soft, supple and lightweight, yet durable, abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. The best part: they made from 100 percent plant-based proteins and bio-polyurethane. Senreve also utilizes a differentiated pigmentation process that produces no dye runoff.

Make-It-Yourself Kits 🌱

🔨 Pollinator Kit® to Prototype Products by Checkerspot

Start playing, tinkering, and building the future products of your dreams with this DIY prototype kit, featuring sustainable bio-based resins made from algae oil. Our minds were blown when we met Checkerspot and saw skis they made with algae, and records too! (hint: we would love to see one of our DJ friends release their next album with their product… wink, wink, nudge nudge!) The Pollinator® Series Cast Polyurethane System is formulated to function similarly to conventional hand-mixable cast polyurethane. So you can make durable, high-detail, long lasting products – but now, with fewer fossil fuels. Get inspired with product design ideas on their website.

🪴 Grow It Yourself with Hexagro

Embrace the urban farming lifestyle and grow your own fresh, healthy food right at home, even without a green thumb. Hexagro’s award-winning Poty system guides and assists you every step of the way, with their app Hexbee and the convenience of automated irrigation. Lettuce all step up to become Urban Farmers, today! 🥬

📚 “Black Power Kitchen” Cookbook by Ghetto Gastro

Make delicious food and an impact with this cookbook on a mission. A celebration of Black culture globally and an indispensable guide for all foodies, Black Power Kitchen is the first cookbook from culinary collective Ghetto Gastro, who took the stage at TFF’s Generation Fest (check it out here). This group of visionary and purpose-driven chefs use food as a platform to spark conversation about larger societal issues surrounding inclusion, race, access, and how food—and knowing how to cook—provides freedom and power.

Support Farmers & Sustainable Food Products 🐝

👩‍🌾 Regenerative honey and cocoa – powered by biochar with Humica

Húmica has created an integrated, systemic approach to unlock the carbon sequestration potential of biochar on small farms in their home country of Mexico. They help women farmers transition towards biochar-enabled regenerative agriculture by selling the sustainable food products that they make, such as honey, cocoa, and lemongrass tea. 🍯  Profits are used to help the women pay for the biochar they use. Read more about Humica here. Deliciously impactful!

🍄 Mushshop by Smallhold

Smallhold’s Mushshop features a range of exciting products for mushroom enthusiasts and novices alike. From fungi-based spices to take your favorite dishes to the next level in terms of taste and health benefits; to vermicompost to replenish your soils, to sustainable t-shirts and more. This is a great gift to show your support for our fungi-based future, and for this visionary company who have been awesome friends and supporters of TFF through the years. Check out Smallhold’s CEO Andrew Carter at GenerationFest.

A ‘shot of joy’ in your coffee with Natulatte

Natulatte is the first company in the world that offers vegan powder milk and hot cocoa for professional coffee machine! On a mission to make all coffee corners around the world fully plant-based, TFF Finalist Team Natulatte is making our planet healthy for people and animals, one delicious “shot of joy” at a time. Read more about Natulatte here.

💙 “Blue Brooklyn” featuring Spira, WhatIF, Loliware and Ooble

What would a holiday party be without a delicious cocktail or mocktail? 🥂 Here’s a delightful recipe that we specially designed for Generation Fest in Brooklyn by mixing together the ingredients of sustainablity, innovation, and fun! Combine milk from WhatIF Foods that is made with the currently-underutilized, climate-resilient bombara ground nut with Electric Sky™ pigment that is made with gene-edited spirulinia by Spira. Sip it with a home-compostable straw by Loliware or an edible straw by Ooble. It’s a great way to add pizazz to your bar and spark fun conversations about future possibilities in our food system.