Thought For Food (TFF) is food and agriculture’s entrepreneurial innovation engine for impact. Our non-profit’s mission is to engage, empower and invest in the next generations of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and their disruptive, next-generation solutions in every part of the world.

Our formula is simple: TFF harnesses the energy, creativity, collaborative spirit and digital savviness of a new generation of innovators and directs it towards solving our planet’s most important challenges. Together, we unlock a world of opportunity to “transform our agri-food system for good.

Be a Global Changemaker,⁣ Be a Local Activator

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Join the TFF Ambassador Program and become part of a highly-selective group of on-the-ground leaders around the world who are shaping the future of our agri-food systems through innovation, collaboration, and most importantly action. TFF Ambassadors are some of the most committed, passionate, and engaged groups of volunteers worldwide. 

  • TFF Ambassadors are early adopters of technology and open to creative new ideas that will revolutionize the agri-food space.
  • They are excited tell the world about the programs and opportunities that TFF offers.
  • They build local partnerships and organize events (check out our 2021 hybrid TFF Satellite Summits video to get a flavor for the types of events we do).
  • And, TFF Ambassadors know how to connect people in both the real and digital world, and love to create social media content that gets acted on. 

Launched in 2016, the TFF Ambassador Program has created countless connections and experiences that has taken the the people involved in the TFF movement to new heights. Now, our TFF Ambassador Cohort 2022 is ready to go further than ever before!

TFF Ambassadors work closely with their respective TFF Regional Coordinator and the TFF Core Team over the course of one year by actively promoting, championing and engaging people in our cutting-edge innovation programs, including: 

    • TFF Challenge: the world’s largest and most diverse innovation challenge in the sector that incentivizes the creation of science-and-tech based agrifood solutions; 
    • TFF Academy: our world-class startup acceleration program that takes impact-focused startups to the next level;
    • TFF Summit: our award-winning global event uniting entrepreneurs, corporations, investors, and creative innovators and is the place to launch solutions.
    • TFF Digital Ecosystem: our platforms and tools to connect our global community and foster learning, sharing and collaboration. 

If selected as a TFF Ambassador, you will join a global family of purpose-driven TFFers who are creative, out of the box thinkers, and who truly want to change the world – while having a great time along the way. Your local cohort of TFF Ambassadors will learn through experience, connect through a shared purpose, and ultimately, reimage and reinvent our global food systems from the ground up!

If you are interested in joining the most vibrant, multidisciplinary, and global community of changemakers in the agri-food space, continue reading. For a glimpse of TFF energy, check out our TFFers Worldwide video!

TFFers are all around the world!
TFF Ambassador

Application process

Are you ready to unlock a world of opportunity to transform our world’s agri-food systems for good? Apply now! The application process to become a TFF Ambassador is simple and straightforward, consisting of two phases: 

📲 Phase 1: Ambassador Interest Online Form

The first step of the process is to fill out the admissions Ambassador application online form, which requires 15 minutes of your time: 

  • Submit your application here before February 4th at 12:00 PM CET
  • A select group of applicants will be invited to Phase 2 of the application process.

Apply now!

Join the TFF Ambassador Program of the #1 leader in next-gen innovation and startup acceleration for food and agriculture.

🔥 Phase 2: TFF Global Awareness and Indexing Weeks

As part of the recruitment process, pre-selected applicants will participate in the TFF Global Awareness and Indexing Weeks. Use this to show us your fire and why you are the TFF Ambassador we are looking for. Together, we will spice up social media and increase awareness around our food systems.

Every candidate will have the opportunity to run an offline, online, or hybrid action and/or activity to showcase their creativity, commitment, and most importantly, passion for TFF’s mission. These activities will occur during the first 2 weeks of February 2022:

  • Candidates will receive a TFF Guide that clearly outlines our goals for the TFF Global Awareness and Indexing Weeks and provides inspiration and ideas – already curious about this step? Check out Utsav’s episode on “Boots on the Ground”, an IGTV series by TFF where TFFers show you around their restaurant, farms, and other food-ag places worth visiting!
  • Candidates will have approximately two weeks to plan and execute their activity. To be precise, the exercise will take place from February 4th to 21st 2022. This includes posting and tagging TFF on social media – feel free to post on our Discord server as well. We would love that!
  • TFF will take approximately one week to review the applications and notify the selected candidates by the end of February.

We aim to make the application process as simple and user-friendly as possible. Yet, if you encounter any issue during the application process, please contact us at: .

We look forward to hearing from you! Follow us on social media and jump in to start to connect with our community on Discord.