Our fragile food systems need urgent attention. We don’t have time to waste.

Covid, Climate Change, and Conflicts (C3) around the world are disrupting supply chains, affecting agricultural production, and increasing prices for energy and critical inputs.

Thought For Food is here to support food and agriculture innovators on the frontlines. Our global community of impact-focused entrepreneurs and change-makers are rolling up their sleeves, experimenting, sharing, and doing whatever it takes to ensure we can sustainably feed and nourish our planet’s most vulnerable people – now, and for the future.

The C3 Collaboration Collective openly shares ideas and approaches from TFFers around the world so that we can all learn from each other and solve on on-the-ground issues faster and more effectively.

C6 is an ever-growing database of solutions, knowledge and best-practices. It fosters an open dialogue on shared problems, and creates a space to troubleshoot, get inspired, reinvent, and seek support. United as a global community, we are collaborating to take on our food systems’ most pressing challenges, everywhere.


Crossing Oceans to Produce Superfoods from the Sea 🌊

Co-founder and CEO of Jellatech, Stephanie, shares about founding a company remotely and across continents, how the time differences allow them to be more productive and available, and about the power of discipline. Jellatech is a company that turns obstacles into advantages, and we hope you will be inspired by their brilliant approach to making an impact. 


How to Agvocate and Shift Mindsets When in Lockdown 💬

Nigerian TFF Ambassador Sarah O. Fagoyinbo has launched a series of Instagram Live sessions dubbed “Agribusiness; a tool for economic recovery” which recently featured TFF Community Manager Marie. She talked to us about the sessions as a tool to empower people, the positive effects of COVID, and the importance of women and youth empowerment.


Rice Inc is Making an Impact with Their ‘Rice Up for London’ Campaign 🍚

Rice Inc, the 2018 TFF Challenge’s Borlaug ‘Take it to the Farmer’ Winner, is a social enterprise that tackles food insecurity by empowering smallholder farmers in Southeast Asia. In an interview, the Co-founder Lincoln Lee shared with us how they are navigating their business through the pandemic and finding ways to serve those whose livelihood and health are most affected.


Liv Up! A Food-tech Startup Reconnecting Farmers & Consumers 🍅

2019/20 TFF Challenge Circular Economy of Food Prize shortlist team Liv Up is a food-tech startup that makes tasty, natural and convenient food all while working to balance out the food system!


How KinoSol Puts People First and Stays Humble 🤲

2014/15 TFF Challenge Finalist KinoSol talks about their commitment to being People People, Humbly Human, a Give First Mentality, and having Conscious Commitments and why – since the COVID-19 outbreak – sticking to these values is especially important to drive how KinoSol operates and does business.


Mobilizing Rural Women Entrepreneurs for COVID-19 Response & Recovery in Bangladesh 🙋‍♀️

TFF Boost Team GEOPOTATO members Kazi, Zaki & Mridul developed a concept to empower poor communities in Bangladesh with the help of women entrepreneurs.

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Urban, Hyperlocal Supply Chains 🏙

How are cities adapting during the global pandemic to provide access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food? In this TFF Open Conversation, we talked about the urgent need for cities and regulators to shift to systems that allow us to grow more food in urban areas and the rise of consumer demand for produce that is farmed and harvested in urban areas.

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Multi-Localised Food Production 🌍

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting food supply chains as logistics fail and global collaboration comes to a halt. Consumers demand products that are traceable and secure. TFF Founder and CEO Christine chatted with Henrik Stamm Kristensen (Founder of Blendhub) about localising food supply chains—a model that can save up to 50% of food production costs.

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Connecting Growers & Consumers 🔗

The global pandemic has broken supply chains. What can we do to solve this? How can we improve the movement of goods locally, regionally, and globally, and improve traceability from farm to fork? We invited next-gen entrepreneurs from Uganda, Venezuela, Indonesia, Colombia, and Nigeria who have been on the frontlines to talk about how COVID-19 is transforming food supply chains globally.


Democratizing Biotech in Emerging Economies 🔬

Biology-based innovations can solve the most important challenges our world is facing and help strengthen some of the most vulnerable communities, especially in emerging economies. Yet, cutting-edge innovations are still primarily coming from and targeting Western countries.


Aglonera pivots to connect farmers directly to end-consumers 🌾

Due to Covid-19, Aglonera has pivoted their business to sell directly to the individual end-consumers and businesses in Bekasi, a city located at the Eastern border of Jakarta.


COVID-19 and Agriculture: How can Next-Gen Digital Solutions Help? 📱

The global TFF Community is stepping up to build and share breakthrough digital solutions that help to solve the urgent issues facing our food systems. A presentation to the World Bank by TFF Founder and CEO Christine Gould.


How to set up a DIY lab during lockdown 🧪

Due to the pandemic’s lockdown situation, Xilinat had to move their research closer to home. They set up a DIY Lab, and here Founder Javier Larragoiti shares some tips and tricks to support other science-based entrepreneurs during these challenging times.


Cultivando Futuro open-sources their API 👩🏽‍🌾

By opening their technology to TFF’s global community of over 20,000 innovators from 175 countries, Cultivando Futuro are initiating a leap forward to a new era of smallholder farmer-empowered agriculture.