Thought For Food Announces its New Team of Regional Coordinators

A new group of 18 Regional Coordinators is joining the Thought For Food organization to drive forward our mission of creating regenerative and inclusive food systems all over the world. Serving a 3 year term, these high-caliber talents serve as TFF’s regional leadership team, providing local insights to global strategy, developing on-the-ground partnerships, driving engagement into TFF’s leading innovation programs, and managing teams of TFF Ambassadors

Holding advanced degrees in relevant disciplines such as biotechnology, biochemistry, nutrition, agronomy, business, arts and economics, the Regional Coordinator team includes: 

  1. Ben Harris, North America 
  2. Marc Holde Presume, North America
  3. Hallie Supak, North America 
  4. Isabel Zendejas, Central America 
  5. Nicole Hendrickson, Caribbean 
  6. Ivani Pauli, Brazil 
  7. Catalina Zamora Fonck, Latin America 
  8. Silvi Navarrete, West Europe
  9. Tomiwa Johnson Oyedokun, East Europe 
  10. Sara Badran, Middle East & North Africa 
  11. Albert Kure, West Africa 
  12. Ildephonse Habinshuti, Central Africa 
  13. Wambui Njau, East Africa 
  14. Tsholofelo Wechoemang, Southern Africa 
  15. Ghanshyam Bhattarai, South Asia 
  16. Christina Ong, Southeast Asia 
  17. Claudia Silva, Oceania 
  18. Ashlie Benson, Global RC Coordinator

“Thought For Food’s powerful operational structure, which is now expanding with this team of Regional Coordinators, gives us unparalleled access to top innovators, innovations, trends and fresh ideas in every market. With a 10+ year track record of fostering cutting-edge, science-and-technology-based solutions in 170+ countries around the globe, we are in the perfect position to unleash the unprecedented potential of our planet’s digitally-savvy and purpose-driven young people, who can put their startup ambitions into action and thus contribute to sustainably feeding and nourishing 10+ billion on a hotter planet,” stated Christine Gould, Founder and CEO of Thought For Food. 

Find out who they are here: 

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