Dearest Friends, It’s been another wild and unpredictable year – and this has fueled our global Thought For Food community to come together and achieve more than ever before!

In our quest to shake up how we innovate to feed the world, we carried out a record-breaking TFF Challenge, a mega-successful TFF Academy, and a TFF Summit that truly united the world. Oh, and let’s not forget the first-ever BrainRave, our 40+ live sessions, and of course the Food Systems Game Changers Lab that we ran with amazing partners in support of the UN Food Systems Summit.

The best part: there’s still so much more to come! 

To celebrate this sparkly season of joy and giving, we recognize that every conversation and moment of connection is a treasured gift. The holidays are the perfect chance to show your support for inclusive and regenerative food system solutions. 

We are thrilled to now share our annual TFF Holiday Gift Guide. These impact-oriented products have been specially made with heart and hustle by TFFers and our partners all over the world. They are thoughtful gifts for anyone who loves food and farming, or who believes in creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

*Please note the country availability for some of the products. Another easy option is to consider donating to the Thought For Food Foundation to support our philanthropic mission. Any amount makes a difference and is directly invested into our programs and to support our Community.

Heartfelt thanks for your support, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

Sustainable Food Products 

🥭 Community-empowering dried fruit snacks by Jali Fruit Co | AVAILABLE ON THE TFF SHOP | $29.00

☕️ World-positive coffee by Kua Coffee | AVAILABLE ON THE TFF SHOP (AUSTRALIA ONLY) | $25.00

🍚 Eat Paddi impact rice by Rice Inc | AVAILABLE ON THE TFF SHOP (UK ONLY) | $10.50

🌽 Yellow Popcorn Kernels by Connect | AVAILABLE ON THE TFF SHOP | $12.99

🥑 Extended shelf-life avocados from Apeel |  FROM $16.95 (USA ONLY) 

☕️ Social-impact coffee by Kyaffee Farmers Coffee | (PATREON SUPPORT) FROM $1

🧋 Edible straws by Ooble | $15.00 

🍫 Plant-based chocolate spread by Nutricandies | FROM $3.00 (BRAZIL ONLY) 

💙 Vivid, natural blue food dye by Spira Inc. | FROM $15.00

🏙 Never-processed spirulina supplement by “We Are The New Farmers” | FROM $24.00

Natural nootropics drink by YUNO by Food to Heal | FROM $29.00

🧆 Frozen plant-based Filipino meals by WTH Foods | FROM $5.00 (PHILIPPINES ONLY)

🍬 Sugar-alternative from crop waste by Xilinat |  FROM $8.00 (MEXICO ONLY)

🌿 Organic, regenerative snacks by Humica | FROM  $3.00 (MEXICO ONLY)

🧃 Organic, fresh smoothie by Rambler | (THAILAND ONLY)

Next-Gen Farming & Cooking Products

🏡 Edible garden kits by Earthli | $45.00 (AUSTRALIA ONLY) 

🌿 Garden solutions by UrbanSmart | FROM $40.00 (KENYA ONLY)

🪴 Urban farming kit for your home by Hexagro | AVAILABLE ON THE TFF SHOP (EUROPE ONLY) | $239.00

🌱 Personal, automated vertical farm system by Agrilution | $3,500.00

🥘 Off-grid cooking stoves by Greenstone Foods | FROM $12.50 a month (ZIMBABWE ONLY)

🐓 The Pastured Lighting for poultry by Henlight | FROM $297.00

☀️ Solar-powered food dehydrators by KinoSol | $140.00

🍄 Grow-your-own oyster mushrooms by GroCycle | $22.00

🍄 Mushroom grow kits by Smallhold | $34.00

🐝 Protect bees in the most endangered areas of the Amazon by Meli Bees | FROM £5

Products to Feed your Mind 

🎥 TFF-produced documentary film “Generation Food” | FREE 

👀 TEDxThoughtForFood talks | FREE 

👾 TFF Community innovator connections on Discord | FREE 

💻 TFF Digital Labs: with masterclasses and modules on systems thinking, entrepreneurship, next-gen skills  | FREE 

📘 “The Ninth Revolution: Transforming Food Systems for Good” by Prof. Sayed Azam-Ali | FROM $33.20 

🦸🏽‍♂️ AGRIman Comic Adventure Series by WhyFarm | FREE

🤤 “Hungry for Disruption” book by Shen Ming Lee | FROM $8.15

📙 “From Farms to Incubators: Women Innovators Revolutionizing How Our Food Is Grown” book by Amy Wu | FROM $14.49 

🪞 “Smoke & Mirrors” book by Gemma Milne | FROM £3.99

👩🏽‍🍳 Plant-based recipes by Tati Lund | FREE

📃 “No New Normal” Poem by Pete the Science Geek | FREE

📗 Thirty” poetry book by Peter Bickerton | FROM £4.49 

📘 “Our Sunburnt Country” book by Anika Molesworth | FROM $16.99

📔 Compendium of Action Agendas for Food Systems Transformation by the Food Systems Game Changers Lab Cohorts | FREE

Wear the Change (Proudly)!

👩‍🌾 WTF: Where’s the Farmer shirt by TFF | FROM $24.50

🌳 reNature branded shirts and hoodies | FROM $34

😷TFF Face Mask | $20

💜 TFF Summit 2021 Stickers | $4

👕 Food Securi-tee | $28

… or consider to donate to the TFF Foundation! Thank you for your support! 

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